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The Routes

Rediscover the Loop while enjoying murals by artists from all over Chicago and beyond. 

The route is your choice. You can visit just a few murals of your choosing, or follow one of the three suggested routes provided below with turn-by-turn directions written below each map. Please note the suggested difficulty level of each section. If you're feeling extremely adventurous, try all three routes for a 2.1-mile combined journey.

We recommend visiting the linked mural listings in the route directions listed below for useful details, interactive maps, audio descriptions, and nearby businesses of interest. Don't forget to check out Loop Deals for special offers and treats along the way.

The Loop Mural Walk is broken into three separate suggested routes. Each route is described in detail underneath each of the route maps below.

All Three Routes


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Northeast Loop Murals


Northeast Loop Murals turn-by-turn directions:
This first group of murals might be the most difficult to access and starts in an alley on the lower level streets of the Loop at 334 N. MacChesney Court. So, if you're not feeling very adventurous today, we strongly suggest starting with the State Street Murals instead.

Due to construction, the first four murals of this route can only be accessed from Lower Michigan Avenue. Check out the map to get a better understanding. It might be tricky to get there, but these beauties are worth it. We recommend you begin at the Blackhawks store, 333 N. Michigan Ave. In front of the store, you'll see stairs leading down to Lower Michigan Avenue. Take these stairs, and turn left to cross Lower Michigan in the crosswalk. Turn left again to walk down Lower Michigan (note: there is no sidewalk for this short stretch; proceed with caution), and turn right into the alley.

Once entering the N. MacChesney Court alley from Lower Michigan Avenue, you'll see four murals (click each mural link for details, interactive maps, and audio descriptions): Facelift, King's Ransom, Untitled by Revise CMW, and Untitled by Ant Ben and Gabe Moskolis.

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Go back the way you came, and once you're back above ground, walk south on Michigan Avenue to the south side of Lake Street, and turn right to walk west until you reach Broken English Taco Pub. On the west side of the restaurant building, you'll see The Bear Champ. Continue walking south down the alley all the way across Randolph, where the alley will have a slight jog to your right. Continue on N. Garland Court, and on your left you'll see Rushmore on the west side of the Chicago Cultural Center. Walk back to Randolph and enter the building just west of you through the LA Fitness. Take the steps or elevator down to the Pedway level to view Chicago Has My Heart.

Congrats! You just viewed seven murals. If you'd like to see more, walk west on Randolph until you get to Dearborn, turn right, and walk north until you get to the Couch Place Alley on your right just across from Goodman Theatre. Then follow the State Street Murals instructions below.

View Loop Mural Walk Route Maps

State Street Murals


State Street Murals turn-by-turn directions:
This mural route starts in the one of the most historic and fabled alleys in the city of Chicago (W. Couch Place). Do you know why it's famous? That's a story for another day. For now, you'll find three of the murals on the tour here: (click each mural link for details, interactive maps, and audio descriptions) Psychedelic Portal, Make it Good, and Power to the People, as well as a few bonus murals! Enjoy.

Then, safely cross State Street to reach the alley directly to the east on Benton Place. There may be some construction, but if you are able to access the area between the Chicago Theatre and Walgreens, you'll see Fonte's World on the south wall.

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Return to State Street and begin walking south on "that great street" until you reach Macy's. Either from inside of Macy's, or from the west side of State Street, navigate down to the Pedway. You might have to ask folks for help on this one, but keep an eye out for the compass symbol that indicates a Pedway entrance. If you are in Macy's, you'll want to find the State Street Pedway entrance. Once you navigate to the State Street Pedway near the Macy's entrance, you'll see the newest mural on the tour, Everyone's Neighborhood. Then make your way back up to the upper level of State Street and a little bit south for what is likely the Loop's most well-known mural, Tribute to Muddy Waters. This one is located just above the brand new Primark store.

If that journey has you beat, take a break, and enjoy the great shopping and dining options all around you, including our Loop Deals. If not, feel free to continue onto the next section of the tour. Just walk south on State Street and turn east (left) on Monroe. Then follow the Southern Loop Mural path below.

Southern Loop Murals


View Loop Mural Walk Route Maps

Southern Loop Murals turn-by-turn directions:
The first five murals in this section are in the Sullivan Center Alley. The entrance is directly across the street from the Palmer House entrance on Monroe Street, but can be easily missed. It might look like it is just an entrance for trucks and unloading, because it is. Once inside, you'll find multiple murals on the tour: (click each mural link for details, interactive maps, and audio descriptions) 2birds One Stone, Lost in Now, Intergallactic Lovers or Nah..., Chicago, and Play. There is also a bonus mural in this alley ;)

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Then, walk east on Monroe and turn right (south) onto Wabash. Walk south on Wabash for a few blocks until Van Buren, turn left, and you'll see a large mural on your right on the side of a building. This is The Buckingham. Return to Wabash walking south and not too much later on the right side of the street (west) on the side of a business towards the rear you'll see Penny for Your Thoughts.

This last one is a big one! Keep walking south until you get to Ida B. Wells and turn right (west). Continue past State Street and the library. Before you get to Dearborn, there is a large mural on your right (north) that you can't miss. This is the Loop Worker. Congrats! This is the end of the Loop Mural Walk. If you completed all three sections, you visited 21 murals and walked 2.1 miles.

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