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Chicago Has My Heart

Chicago Has My Heart is a mural by Amoz Wright, Sarah Wilson, and Skylar Sun, commissioned by Mid-America Real Estate to celebrate young and active creatives from Chicago, including Chance the Rapper.

In 2017, the property owner from Mid-America Real Estate who manages the Heritage Millennium Park reached out to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to locate artists to create a mural in the Pedway level of their building. Interested in creating a more beautiful pedestrian space, they commissioned this piece. The artists were inspired by the poem “Chicago Has My Heart” by Kevin Koval. The piece was created over three weeks. To see it, you can enter 55 E. Randolph and head downstairs to the Pedway level. Amoz Wright is a Chicago-based artist, designer, and entrepreneur who describes using the world as a canvas. Sarah Wilson is a Chicago-based painter with roots in Los Angeles. Skylar Sun is a graphic designer based out of Denver.

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130 N Garland Court (Pedway Level)
Chicago, IL 60602

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