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King's Ransom

King's Ransom by Reco The Great and Barrett Keithley was painted live during Chicago Loop Alliance’s ACTIVATE: Premiere event in June 2019.

It was curated by Missy Perkins and Roe Melloe and commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation. King’s Ransom is about the multiplicity of an individual's personality. According to Keithley, “The joker, the squire, and the king are within us all. It's up to us to know when to use which character in the right situation. The king can be hostage to other parts of his own character.” Reco The Great is a Chicago-based artist and graphic designer who uses pop art imagery, typography, illustration, and painting as tools for visual storytelling. Barrett Keithley is also a Chicago-based artist and co-founder of Paint the City. He uses abstract and flat characters to build stories and heal the city through art.

Chicago Loop Alliance · 02. King’s Ransom


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