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Chicago Loop Ambassadors

Keeping State Street Clean, Safe & Beautiful

Chicago Loop Ambassadors provide enhanced hospitality services, foster a consistent pedestrian experience and keep State Street safe, clean and beautiful seven days a week.

Street Team Ambassadors

The Street Team Ambassadors monitor State Street and strengthened relationships with local merchants, visitors and assisted individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty. By understanding and addressing each group’s unique needs, the Ambassadors have become a highly valuable and knowledgeable resource for all who experience State Street. Since the program launched in 2014, the Ambassadors have helped hundreds of individuals gain access to housing and other resources, provided thousands of directions and recommendations to visitors and helped countless State Street businesses address concerns.

Clean Team Ambassadors

State Street continued to reflect its world-class reputation thanks to the constant care of the Clean Team Ambassadors. These hard-working individuals improved the cleanliness and image of the street by removing litter and graffiti, emptying garbage cans and shoveling snow. New mobile technology allows the Ambassadors to track services on a shared system and alert each other of real-time hospitality and cleaning issues to be addressed efficiently and professionally. Using this technology, the Clean Team Ambassadors tracked over 50,000 blocks covered with pan and broom and over 14 tons of trash collected from State Street in 2019.

Security Patrol

The Chicago Loop Security Patrol monitors State Street for safety and security issues with the goal of making the Loop even safer for businesses, patrons, residents and workers. The Security Patrol, provided by HLSA Security, work with State Street businesses to address a variety of security issues and are able to detain suspects or, in the case of off-duty police officers, make arrests.