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Available Opportunities

Office Assistant

The Office Assistant, under general supervision, performs routine reception duties and provides day-to-day administrative support a to CLA staff, with a primary focus on Finance, Operations and Membership.

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Kalindi Parikh, Placemaking Intern

"My internship at CLA was incredibly immersive. Almost immediately, I was given a large public-facing project and afforded a high level of trust and autonomy and felt like my ideas and skills were valued."

Sam Waldorf, Membership Intern

"They introduced me to the neighborhood side of public administration and helped me develop foundational knowledge about city operations in Chicago, as well as a vast network of professionals in the city."

Christen Hayes, Placemaking Intern

"I’ve been able to put into practice the principles I learned in creative planning and placemaking. The projects I was entrusted with have allowed me to sharpen my project management and public speaking skills."

"Maethinee Teosakul, Membership & Event Intern

I had the chance to work side by side with many executive level professionals from a wide array of organizations. I really valued the experience as it helped me develop skills that one can not learn in a classroom."