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Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation

Building a connection between people and the places they share


Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation

The Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) affiliate organization that pushes the limits of what a downtown can be for its residents, workers and visitors. The Foundation seeks to enrich the Loop’s public spaces through artistic expression and free cultural programing. By building a connection between people and the places they share, the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation hopes to create an inclusive downtown environment that fosters creativity and enhances the Loop’s appeal to the people and businesses that are a part of it.

Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation Initiatives

Through support from the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Annual Meeting, Illumination Gala and corporate sponsorship, the Foundation is able to provide and support strategic initiatives that improve the vibrancy of the Loop’s public spaces.

Recent Foundation Initiatives


ACTIVATE transforms alleys and other urban locations into creative exhibition spaces that bring local artists and the public together for an evening of exploration, interaction and celebration of the arts.

The Shape of Chicago: John Massey’s 1968 Banners Revisited

Chicago Loop Alliance partnered with the Terra Foundation and the Chicago Design Museum to inspire Chicago Public School students to think about art, design and public space through the lens of famous Chicago artist John Massey.

Public Art Initiatives

Chicago Loop Alliance’s public art installations attract visitors to overlooked or otherwise under-appreciated corners of the Loop. One of Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s most popular public art pieces is "Eye" by artist Tony Tasset.

Support Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation

In Chicago, the Loop is everyone’s neighborhood. It is the place where workers, residents and visitors share space and experiences. Supporting Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s efforts to advance the Loop as a high-performing urban environment is possible through a variety of giving and sponsorship opportunities, including Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Annual Meeting, Illumination Gala and project sponsorship.

Illumination Gala

Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s annual Illumination Gala gathers more than 500 supporters for a celebration of the Loop’s rich cultural amenities and its continued transformation due to the work of the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation and its supporters.

Learn more about the Illumination Gala

RSVP for the 2019 Annual Meeting

Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Annual Meeting brings together members and stakeholders for a presentation over breakfast of the Foundation’s accomplishments over the past year.

Learn more about the 2019 Annual Meeting