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Untitled by Revise CMW

This untitled mural by Revise CMW was painted live during Chicago Loop Alliance’s ACTIVATE: Premiere event in June 2019.

It was curated by Missy Perkins and Roe Melloe and commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation. The artist describes this piece as depicting nature found amidst the chaos and grit of the urban landscape. In his words, “It's bright and alien with a lot of movement.” You may better know Revise CMW as Chef Won Kim, from Kimski, the Korean-Polish street food spot in Bridgeport. Revise CMW’s art is inspired by the graffiti he saw on trains and buses growing up, which inspired his focus on graffiti-style art.  

Chicago Loop Alliance · 03. Untitled By Revise CMW

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324 N. MacChesney Court
Chicago, Il 60601