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The Joys and Benefits of Office Plants

Posted  3 years ago  in  Trending, Guest Blog  by  Tony Abruscato

3 MIN READ -- There's a reason why you'll find 58.3K posts for #officeplants on Instagram: people love green. In fact, the industry has recently experienced more than a 300% growth in houseplant sales, and many potted greens are calling the office their home.

Incorporating beautiful, natural elements into your office environment has multiple benefits. Plants give you a sense of well-being, and it's scientifically proven that plants contribute to a healthier environment. Science 101 tells us that people expel carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen, while during photosynthesis, plants do the opposite - absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This makes us perfect partners, while also benefitting our bodies and minds.

Additionally, the color green is associated with balance, harmony, peace, and understanding. Wouldn't you like more of that in your work environment? And, according to some colorists, those who like green have a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding multiple points of view. Bottom line, adding a punch of green to your work environment is good for business.

The most popular house and office plants are aloe, succulents of any variety, snake plants, spider plants, Philoodendrons and Echeverias. I like to recommend a larger leaf Philodendron, such as the Bird of Paradise and Colocasia (Elephant Ear). A newer favorite of mine, though not large leaf, is the "Goldfish Plant."

Once you've made the decision to add plants to your office, be certain that you're set up for success in keeping them healthy. We find that office plants are most popular when they are considered low maintenance and require low or indirect light. Lighting is the biggest challenge plant parents face in keeping their little green ones healthy. All indoor plants come with required lighting environments, so be certain to review those instructions before purchasing. Watering is another consideration. What's too much? What's too little? At The Get Growing Foundation, we've coined "Watering Wednesday," and give our office plants a good watering once per week.

And, while spring is not quite in the air, our Plant Truck Chicago is getting ready to kick off Chicago's gardening season. 

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Plant Truck Chicago was introduced last summer as the city's first mobile gardening boutique. Its mission is to provide access to plant material to residents of urban and under-served communities. All proceeds benefit The Get Growing Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit umbrella organization. Starting in April, we'll be making "food-truck style" appearances throughout Chicago, making it easy for you to purchase a plant or two for your office, while also giving to a good and green cause. The pop-up boutique sells terrariums, succulents, and other popular houseplants, and small garden-related products. Visit www.getgrowingfoundation.org for a list of Plant Truck Chicago appearances. 

One final thought: as an employee, be certain your company policies allow plants. #officeplants