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Honoring Women's History Month in the Loop

Posted  41 days ago  in  Trending, Women's History Month

3 MIN READ – This month, we focus on women and their positive impact in our world. Take the opportunity this Women’s History Month to celebrate the businesses run by women and events honoring their legacy in and around the Chicago Loop.


Sisters Amy Lawless and Clodagh Lawless combine their 40 years of hospitality experience—both here in Chicago and in their native Ireland—at The Dearborn to create a restaurant that unites their passion for heart-felt service, a welcoming ambiance and classically rooted food that isn’t afraid to take culinary risks. Inspiration for the cuisine starts with traditional American taverns and from there Executive Chef Aaron Cuschieri taps into his passion for seasonal ingredients, farmers markets and contemporary culinary techniques to create dishes that lean towards the Midwest as well as those with a more global influence. 


In a city with an ever-growing number of new roasters and coffee shops, Hero Coffee Bar wants to stand out as a Chicago staple committed to making a positive impact with not only the way they locally roast and source their beans, but also within the charity projects they choose to partner with and their commitment to staff wellbeing. They are a women-owned business that prides itself on producing great breakfast bagel sandwiches and an amazing cup of coffee.

Heron AGency

Heron is a women-owned, award-winning lifestyle communications agency founded by Noreen Heron. Recently named the #1 Influencer Relations Agency by Influencer Marketing Hub, Heron Agency's comprehensive results-driven campaigns are ROI-proven and help garner attention that leads to real bottom line results. Learn more about their amazing work here


Bannerville is a woman–owned business that provides organizations with custom signage including design, production, and installation services that make a lasting impact. Striving to continually grow with the same hard work, honesty and integrity they have used since 1973.


Fashion Mod

Fashion Mod was founded by Chicagoan Michelle Barksdale, as a fashion destination for beautiful and stylish women everywhere. Their collections feature a variety of sensational designs and fashionable staples, where you can find a range of luxurious ensembles to staple wardrobe basics. Check out Fashion Mod's online store here to indulge in a shopping spree. 





Imee’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Paying homage to the influential women in owner Nicole Nassif's expansive family, Imee’s Mediterranean Kitchen embodies the essence of family warmth. With "Imee" translating to "mom" in Arabic, the restaurant recreates the inviting aura of Nicole's mother's kitchen. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of family gatherings, where aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, and siblings shared moments around tables laden with the rich flavors of Lebanese cuisine. View the full menu here and pay Imee's a visit the next time you're in the Loop. 

Kilwins Chicago

Kilwins Chocolate was first founded by Katy and Don Kilwin in Petoskey, Michigan, but franchise owner Jackie Jackson is the reason why we can enjoy Kilwins' handcrafted treats, mouthwatering fudge, and delightful ice cream flavors here in the Chicago Loop. Visit their storefront at 310 S. Michigan Avenue to savor the magic of Kilwins Chicago, where every chocolate is a masterpiece, and every visit is a celebration of the sweet life.

Organic Headshots 

Michelle Kaffko started Organic Headshots in 2005 to provide affordable, professional, and customized portraits and lifestyle marketing photos. In need of a photo sesh? Organic Headshot's got you covered! Each headshot photography session is a personalized experience in creating the best possible photo for your needs, and their photographers will even coach you through all the right poses and smiles. Browse their website and book a session here

Carol Fox & Associates

Carol Fox & Associates is an award-winning and woman-owned PR, digital marketing, advertising and events agency, specializing in arts, entertainment, lifestyle and hospitality. Founded by Carol Fox more than 25 years ago, Carol Fox & Associates is dedicated to delivering impactful messages that bridge the gap between audience and experience. By being true to delivering on their objectives, they aim to make a name for themselves by making a name for their clients. Check out their latest Women's History Month campaign here

Ballet 5:8

Ballet 5:8’s April 20 Lost Women of Juarez performance at the Harris Theater is 75% female and 100% minority choreography. The work honors and celebrates the life and legacy of women and is an important capstone to Women’s History Month. This year marked an important step for choreographer Julianna Rubio Slager as she was invited to the prestigious School of American Ballet as a National Visiting Fellow to consult on diversity practices in the ballet industry. Her work in the studio and on the stage is elevating the Chicago dance community as being at the forefront of equity and inclusion at the highest levels of artistry and leadership. 

Women-owned and led businesses can always use support year-round, but let's spread the love even more this month to celebrate the resilient history of women. 

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