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Imee's Mediterranean Kitchen

Imee’s Mediterranean Kitchen was created as a tribute to the women in owner Nicole Nassif’s large extended family. The word Imee means mom in Arabic and the restaurant has a warmth that makes you feel like you are in her mom's kitchen. This was important to how Nicole remembers family gatherings where aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, siblings sat around tables heavy with plates and platters of Lebanese food.


It was these family dinners, where Nicole’s Ta-Ta and Sitto (grandmothers), aunts and mother taught her the details of entertaining and hosting. Many of the gatherings included both sets of grandparents, where the women passed down the same recipes their mothers and aunts had taught them for generations.


It is with that background Imee’s came to be. Not only as an introduction to the Lebanese food and culture, but as a tribute to the women who maintained that food and culture over the generations, the logo itself has a leaf for each of her two grandmothers, mother and Nicole herself.


The food is authentic to Nicole’s mom's kitchen, and she is thrilled to be able to share and introduce those memories.


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