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Paint the City

We work for the betterment of Black Lives and support all minority artists and businesses. Paint The City's mission is to Heal the City through art.

Paint The City is an artists led initiative founded June 4th, by Barrett Keithley and Missy

Perkins. We connect local artists with local businesses to create inspiring art murals

that speak to the community's neighborhood. These public art pieces have the power to tranform these spaces and create stronger community engagement. These artists' messages of hope, solidarity are our benchmark for each and every masterpiece created.

We work with over 50 different artists and have completed about 70 businesses throughout Chicago. We continue to spread our voices and preserve those already created for future exhibitions.

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Visit the Website of Paint the City (opens in new window)


+1 414-379-7475


1746 West Nelson Street #1
Chicago, IL 60603

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