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Nelly Agassi: No Limestone, No Marble

“Nelly Agassi: No Limestone, No Marble” is a site-specific installation in the monumental Chicago Rooms gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center, curated by Ionit Behar and designed by Andrew Schachman.

Israeli-born Chicago-based artist Agassi calls this project a “biography of the site” in which she develops a personal relationship with the past, present, and future history of a place in connection to her own, giving guests the opportunity to reflect on spaces and their history over time. With this methodology, Agassi “sculpts” the site as a material, and creates a project from the specificity of the place in relation to the city of Chicago and the institution’s impact. The exhibition is funded in part by Artis.


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Event Date

  • September 24, 2022 - February 26, 2023


Chicago Cultural Center


78 E. Washington St.
Chicago , IL 60602