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Chicago Elevated

Chicago Elevated is dedicating to bringing you the best in Chicago walking tours. If you're looking for off-the-beaten path, then these tours are for you.

Chicago Elevated is dedicated to bringing you the best in Chicago walking tours. Started by Margaret Hicks, 20-year improv veteran, Chicago Elevated focuses on the stories of this city with a humorous twist.

With a variety of tours including The Pedway Tour, The Disaster! Tour, The My Favorite Things Tour and other off-the-beaten tours, Chicago Elevated tells the lesser known stories with a bit of the theatrical thrown in.

Since Margaret has an improvisational background, no tour is ever the same twice! We keep groups small and intimate so everyone is involved.

Check out Chicago Elevated Tours, tours so fun you just might learn something!

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+1 773-593-4873


1437 W. Thome 3E
Chicago, IL 60660


9 - 5
Monday - Sunday