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Member Marketing

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

To showcase the Loop’s unique amenities and keep visitors downtown, Chicago Loop Alliance produces several marketing campaigns and promotions that enhance its members messages and create a comprehensive visitor experience.

Summer in the Loop

From June through September, Summer in the Loop helps guide visitors to the Loop’s hottest attractions and events. Thirty-thousand summer pocket guides are distributed to hotels and visitor centers across the city and suburbs. On State Street, three large CTA kiosks showcased the Summer in the Loop campaign with an illustrated map, themed itineraries and a monthly events calendar. These marketing vehicles, along with a partnership with Choose Chicago and media outreach give visitors a comprehensive guide to the Loop and provided value to members through enhanced promotion.

Things to do

Holidays in the Loop

During the winter months, Holidays in the Loop positions the Loop as the city’s one-of-a-kind holiday destination. Forty-thousand pocket guides are distributed to hotels, visitor centers, airports, and handed out at the season’s most popular events including Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza. Chicago Loop Alliance’s website and State Street kiosks are given a festive makeover to reflect the Loop’s holiday events and attractions.

Holidays in the Loop

ACTIVATE Linger Longer Coupon Book

ACTIVATE, Chicago Loop Alliance's popular summer event series, brought 74 unique Chicagoland ZIP codes to the Loop in 2019 and drove almost $500,000 in economic impact with the help of CLA's popular Linger Longer program. Linger Longer aims to drive traffic to CLA member businesses before and after ACTIVATE through special offers and discounts. Members receive their own dedicated coupon in a custom ACTIVATE coupon book as a complimentary member benefit. Thousands of coupon books are distributed at ACTIVATE events throughout the summer. 


The Chicago Loop Alliance’s State Street Destination Marketing Program invites organizations, institutions, and individuals to create an immersive designed experience along State Street.

The components of the State Street Destination Marketing Program include:

  • 116 oversized banners, which hang in pairs from the streetlight poles.
  • 12 street- and sidewalk-facing signs (48” square) emerging from post in planters.

When combined, the components of the program comprise a “street takeover”—bathing State Street in color, graphic identity and art. The State Street Destination Marketing Program provides an opportunity to call attention to a cultural offering, special event, or other Loop amenity in a distinctive and visible way.

Chicago Loop Alliance is the sole-service provider for SSA#1-2015 and is responsible for the administration of the State Street Destination Marketing Program and the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Please email Michael Edwards, President & CEO, or the CLA Placemaking Intern to begin coordinating a destination marketing campaign.