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Chicago Loop Alliance in Beijing: Sharing Industry Expertise

Posted  5 years ago  in  Trending  by  Ammanuel M. Ayalew

Chicago Loop Alliance will share over-a-decade-long industry experience at the Beijing Innovative Development Conference.

Chicago Loop Alliance has been invited to share its expertise in downtown management at the Beijing Innovative Development Conference from September 13-15. The conference engages 200 business districts from China in a three-day dialogue with international business district management organizations.

Michael Edwards, president and CEO of Chicago Loop Alliance will discuss the important role a world-class business district plays in attracting investment in light of the Alliance's best practices in managing the Loop. Chicago’s business district ranks seventh globally for its attractiveness according to the EY-ULI report.

Chicago Loop Alliance is the only downtown management organization from the U.S. to participate in the conference alongside its global counterparts.

“This is a recognition for the continued success that we at Chicago Loop Alliance have achieved through creating, managing and promoting the Chicago Loop,” says Edwards. “It’s an opportunity for us to be part of the worldwide conversation regarding best practices for successful global business districts.”

As a board member of the International Downtown Association with over 25 years of downtown management experience, Edwards will share industry insights and best practices relevant to Beijing and other business districts throughout China. Follow @MichaelMEdwards on Twitter for industry news and updates.