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Global Business Districts Innovation Club

Innovation meets urban planning at the Global Business Districts Innovation Club

Global Business Districts Innovation Club is a professional ecosystem of world business districts, its managing companies, urban planning authorities, and experts of related fields mobilizing resources to foster cooperation, encourage knowledge sharing, enhance dynamism, attractiveness, the spirit of innovation, and compare inspiring methods among the world's most influential territories. Our mission is to help to world business districts to identify the local innovative ideas and transform them into operational projects with global meaning.

GBD Innovation Club was created by 5 global business districts: Paris La Défense, Chicago Loop Alliance, Montreal Destination Centre Ville, Beijing CBD, and Guangzhou CBD.

In October of 2019, the Global Business Districts Innovation Club Learning Expedition Chicago immersed guests in a three-day exploration of the latest urban trends.
In October of 2020, leaders of global business districts will gather in Paris La Défense for a three-day Learning Expedition focused on Sustainable Innovation.                     
Learn more about and Global Business Districts Innovation Club here 

Learning Expedition Chicago

This three days learning expedition will immerse you in the latest urban trends, meet the key players of Downtown Chicago, connect with the GBD Innovation Club network, and exchange and benefit from immersion in the ecosystem.

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