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Chicago Loop Alliance Annual Report 2020

Chicago Loop Alliance creates, manages, and promotes positive and inclusive programs that attract people to the Loop and accelerate economic recovery.

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Letter from the President and Chair

Letter from the President & Chair

The Loop, like downtowns around the world, faced incredible challenges this year... Read More.

Dear Loop Stakeholders
The Loop, like downtowns around the world, faced incredible challenges this year as the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting recession, and civil unrest over systemic racism and violence rocked the globe. Although 2020 was a year unlike any other, ingenuity and camaraderie emerged downtown in the Loop community. Chicago has a history of resiliency and triumph over great obstacles: the Great Chicago Fire, the World’s Fair, the reversal of the Chicago River—the list goes on. This spirit manifested in the creative solutions Loop restaurants enacted to stay afloat during indoor dining bans and capacity limits. It manifested in a rapid shift to virtual engagement from our arts and culture organizations. It manifested in mutually beneficial partnerships, in some cases facilitated by Chicago Loop Alliance.

Our organization also faced new challenges this year and stepped up to the plate to support our members. Overnight, our administrative staff pivoted to remote working, and our Street Ambassadors prioritized safety and sanitization. We made salary cuts, eliminated positions, canceled popular in-person programs like ACTIVATE over public health concerns, and took many of our other signature events online, like Downtown Futures Series, LoopedIn networking events, and our annual fundraiser. We had crucial conversations about inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA), and we created a plan for prioritizing these moving forward, including the creation of our IDEA Committee. We leaned into our role as the voice of the Loop by creating and distributing monthly reports that track Loop activity and business operations. We used this data, along with our relationships with businesses, to advocate for various industries that make the Loop great, including performing arts, restaurants, and transportation. We served as an important liaison between the Loop business community and various City departments and agencies, including the Mayor’s Office, Chicago Police Department, Office of Emergency Management and Communications, and more.

We completed all this work and more in the spirit of a new marketing campaign and nickname for the Loop, “Everyone’s Neighborhood.” We now realize that home isn’t just the place we sleep, but the restaurants, shops, theatres, parks, and streets we enjoy together. As the central business district and site of the city’s most famous attractions and public spaces, the Loop is “home” to Chicagoans from every neighborhood. In an effort to brand the Loop in a way that is hopeful and inclusive, and after many conversations and brainstorming sessions with stakeholders, Chicago Loop Alliance launched this campaign over the summer. It utilized State Street banners, planter signs, CTA kiosks, digital advertising, publicity, and a community building light-up in partnership with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago.

We also hosted Re-ACTIVATE, a virtual fundraiser, raising over $90,000 to support the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation and the recovery of the Loop neighborhood. Despite losses due to the year's challenges, Chicago Loop Alliance gained over 30 new members from a variety of industries and took a softer approach to membership. With an understanding of the hardships Loop businesses faced in 2020, our strategy shifted to community building and offered leniency with dues. This allowed us to serve more businesses when they needed us most.

All of our work this year would not be possible without our members and partners, both new and long-term. On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you for the support you have shown CLA. We look forward to continuing to work toward economic recovery with you. We envision the Loop as an exceptional destination to live, work, and play for many years to come.

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards

President and CEO
Chicago Loop Alliance

James Turner

James Turner

Board Chair
Chicago Loop Alliance

Clean Team

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

Chicago Loop Alliance provides cleanliness, beautification, safety, and maintenance services... Read More.
State Street Landscaping

Chicago Loop Alliance provides cleanliness, beautification, safety, and maintenance services to Special Service Area #1-2015, covering State Street and parts of Wabash Avenue. These services were more important than ever in 2020, when clean, sanitized surfaces became imperative for public health and safety, and when waves of civil unrest impacted the Loop.

In 2020, Street Team Ambassadors:

  • Increased partnerships with social service agencies to better serve the people on State Street experiencing homelessness
  • Piloted a new pop-up resource center in the Harold Washington Library
  • Installed and managed portable toilets in the Loop at the height of the stay-at-home order, providing a clean place for people experiencing homelessness to use the restroom
social service referrals made
business check-ins made to State Street merchants
Clean Team Ambassadors

Clean Team Ambassadors continued their usual sidewalk sweeping and graffiti removal duties, but 2020 saw a significant shift in focus to sanitizing surfaces like garbage cans, bike racks, and the seating at The Gateway. Additionally, Chicago Loop Alliance’s regular power washings in 2020 incorporated a virucide shown to kill lingering strains of COVID-19.

surface sanitizations, including bus stop seats, trash cans, newspaper racks, door handles, and bike racks
graffiti tags and stickers removed
pounds of trash removed
inches of snow removed from the sidewalks on State Street
Street Team Services

State Street’s Security Patrols played a vital role in keeping SSA#1-2015 safe and welcoming. In addition to increasing their presence on the street, including overnight, Chicago Loop Alliance disarmed the Security Patrols over the summer in the wake of a national conversation on unconscious bias in policing.

incidents to which the Security Patrols responded
hours Security Patrols spent on State Street
Sanitation Services
Portable toilets provided for people experiencing homelessness

Other enhanced services that create a sense of arrival on State Street include:

  • Power washing
  • Sidewalk repair and sealing
  • Maintenance of light poles, tree grates, and cast iron fencing
  • Landscaping in nearly 100 planters along State Street
State Street

Economic Development

Economic Development

Amid COVID-19, Chicago Loop Alliance placed renewed urgency on its economic development efforts... Read More.

Amid COVID-19 and its economic impacts, Chicago Loop Alliance placed renewed urgency on its economic development efforts.

Support of the business community included:

  • Designing and purchasing signage for 13 Loop businesses
  • Participating in World Business Chicago’s Economy 2030 Plan, the basis of the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force Advisory Report, Forward Together
  • Lobbying local, state, and federal officials for COVID-19 relief for a variety of industries
  • 2019 Arts in the Loop Economic Impact Study cited in dozens of news articles in support of the Save Our Stages Act
Member signage
Loop Operations Monthly Reports

Chicago Loop Alliance gathered and shared data to get a reliable picture of the Loop economy in real time, including pedestrian activity, parking volumes, the number of people in offices, hotel occupancy, and monthly surveys on business operations.

Downtown Futures Series

Downtown Futures Series went virtual in 2020. Utilizing Zoom allowed for speakers from around the world to participate, and meant hundreds of attendees at each event learned how COVID-19 impacted offices, retail, public art, mobility and transportation, higher education, and North American downtown economies.

business operations survey respondents
decline in pedestrian activity compared to 2019
decline in parking volumes during 2020 pandemic months compared to 2019
decline in number of office workers in the Loop during 2020 pandemic months compared to 2019
decline in hotel occupancy during 2020 pandemic months compared to 2019
Downtown Futures Series attendees
media mentions of Arts in the Loop Economic Impact Study
Worker Mural



2020 presented a new challenge: How do we create effective placemaking that allows for social distancing... Read More.
Holidays in the Loop Painted Windows

2020 presented a new challenge: How do we create effective placemaking that allows for social distancing during a pandemic?

In a tough but necessary decision, Chicago Loop Alliance canceled ACTIVATE, a series of free pop-up art events that transform alleys and other urban locations into creative exhibition spaces for thousands to enjoy. ACTIVATE’s 2019 season won the Excellence Award from the International Downtown Association, and the program will return when public health officials deem it safe to gather in large numbers.

Despite canceling ACTIVATE, CLA worked with local artists to install a variety of murals around the Loop—one at Dearborn and Ida B. Wells that honors Loop workers and coincides with Chicago Loop Alliance’s Loop Employee of the Month awards, and many throughout the year in partnership with a new Chicago nonprofit organization called Paint the City.

In November, after nearly a decade on State Street, Lightscape was removed to make way for a new lighting installation in the future.

Holidays in the Loop painted windows
Holidays in the Loop Painted Windows
Worker Mural
Worker Mural
Paint the City
Paint the City
new murals painted in the Loop
in economic impact from murals in the Loop
local artists engaged
storefronts activated with artwork
in grants secured by Chicago Loop Alliance for Paint the City, a new public art partner
Elevate State Kiosk

Planning and Advocacy

Planning and Advocacy

Chicago Loop Alliance reviews projects and advocates for Loop issues... Read More.

Chicago Loop Alliance reviews projects and advocates for Loop issues like transportation, public space, and opportunities for business and investment.

The Elevate State corridor plan officially launched in February but was later put on hold due to COVID-19. CLA participated in important conversations with City of Chicago agencies and departments, like the Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Department of Transportation, and Chicago Department of Planning and Development.

Big projects and initiatives include:

  • Redevelopment of the State and Lake CTA station
  • E-scooter pilot program
  • C-40 Reinventing Cities sustainable design competition to reimagine Pritzker Park with a carbon-neutral project
Elevate State Street planning meeting
Elevate State planning meeting
Elevate State Street planning meeting
State Street Chicago

In addition to local advocacy work, Chicago Loop Alliance also took its expertise around the world in 2020 through virtual conferences and membership in downtown management associations. Chicago Loop Alliance staff spoke on panels regarding the impact of COVID-19 on downtowns, the relationship between downtowns and their institutions of higher education, best practices for content marketing, and more.

Big City in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler for an unprecedented fourth year in a row
active business licenses in SSA#1-2015
design and signage packages reviewed by the Design and Advocacy Committee
governmental task forces in which Chicago Loop Alliance participated
panels or presentations by staff to local, national, and international audiences
Everyone's Neighborhood Sign



COVID-19 and quickly changing regulations required a flexible marketing strategy in 2020... Read More.

COVID-19 and quickly changing regulations required a flexible marketing strategy in 2020.

Chicago Loop Alliance’s biggest marketing campaign, Everyone’s Neighborhood, launched in July utilizing

  • Banners and street-level signage along State Street
  • Partnerships with community organizations, property owners, cultural institutions, and other local businesses
  • A Loop-wide community building light-up campaign
  • Television, digital advertising, and e-communications
  • Social media efforts led by a new hashtag: #BackInTheLoop
Building Light Up
A building light-up campaign and #BackInTheLoop were part of CLA’s 2020 flexible marketing strategy
Everyone's Neighborhood #BackInTheLoop
Everyone's Neighborhood signage

While the Loop’s essential workers and 20,000 residents never left, the neighborhood saw an 80 percent drop in pedestrian activity during the state’s stay at home order in the spring, illustrating the importance of the Loop’s 370,000 workers. Members of the large worker population in the Loop hail from every neighborhood in Chicago and beyond, which was the chief motivation for earning the “Everyone’s Neighborhood” moniker. People missed the Loop in ways they didn’t expect during the pandemic. Home isn’t just the place we sleep, but the restaurants, shops, offices, schools, theatres, parks, and streets we experience together.

Holidays in the Loop

To stay nimble, Chicago Loop Alliance utilized a variety of techniques including digital marketing, social media, direct mail, television advertising, and online pre-roll advertising. CLA created and regularly updated an online What’s Open toolkit as regulations changed throughout the year. Similarly, an online Back to Work toolkit featured all the information anyone would need to know when deciding when and how to come back to work in the Loop.

Chicago Loop Alliance also continued established marketing campaigns and projects, including Holidays in the Loop and the In the Loop blog.

7.2 million
social media impressions
increase in followers across social media platforms
increase in engagement across social media platforms
blogs published on In the Loop
increase in In the Loop blog pageviews
increase in Chicago Loop Alliance member/partner blog mentions
Everyone's Neighborhood Kiosk

Public Relations

Public Relations

The challenges of 2020 allowed CLA to position itself as a thought leader and major voice of the district... Read More.

The challenges of 2020 allowed CLA to position itself as a thought leader and major voice of the district through ramped-up public relations efforts.

These efforts included:

  • Sending timely emails to members and stakeholders with the latest information from City partners during the pandemic and the summer’s civil unrest
  • Distributing more press releases, media advisories, and pitches to journalists
  • Acting fast to respond to requests for comment on a variety of Loop issues
press releases and media advisories sent
clips that mention Chicago Loop Alliance
690 million
earned media impressions for Chicago Loop Alliance
value of earned media coverage
emails sent
email subscribers

Chicago Loop Alliance used the press to advocate for the business district during the pandemic and civil unrest, while also earning coverage on projects like

  • Clean and safe efforts
  • Annual Meeting
  • Elevate State
  • Everyone’s Neighborhood
  • Downtown Futures Series
  • Arts in the Loop Economic Impact Study
  • Monthly business operations reports
  • What’s Open toolkit
  • Back to Work toolkit
  • Harold Washington Library resource center pilot
  • Loop Employee of the Month
  • Holidays in the Loop and Holidays in the Loop Painted Windows
  • Re-ACTIVATE virtual fundraiser
Annual Meeting



In 2020, Chicago Loop Alliance’s Membership program emphasized community building... Read More.

In 2020, Chicago Loop Alliance’s Membership program emphasized community building and support of Loop businesses more than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic. Through waived fees, payment extensions, and general flexibility, CLA built relationships with over 30 new members, while also retaining longtime members.

Membership in Chicago Loop Alliance means invaluable networking opportunities, marketing benefits, professional development, and connection to the community—both in the Loop and throughout the city of Chicago. After a successful in-person LoopedIn networking event in January and the Annual Meeting in February, CLA took member events online in compliance with health and safety guidelines. CLA was a leader in innovative virtual events that featured a variety of members, announcing a series of virtual events less than one month into the pandemic. Industry meet-ups, paint nights with local artists, online workout classes, and more kept CLA members connected from home. During the summer, as COVID-19 regulations loosened, Chicago Loop Alliance hosted socially distanced in-person events with small groups, and hybrid events that allowed for in-person interaction or virtual networking. Throughout the year’s rapidly changing regulations, CLA always prioritized connection and community in the Loop.

Chicago Loop Alliance members networking via zoom
From innovative virtual events to small socially distanced gatherings, CLA prioritized connection and community in the Loop in 2020.
Chicago Loop Alliance members attending a socially-distanced networking event
total Chicago Loop Alliance members in 2020
new members joined Chicago Loop Alliance in 2020
new members received a complimentary membership, most of which were small, local businesses
members featured in Member Spotlight, a weekly email distributed to Chicago Loop Alliance members
in Membership revenue collected
Members safely networked at in-person events during the pandemic

Member Demographics

  • Restaurants, Bars & Private Clubs: 53
  • Arts, Cultural Attractions & Entertainment: 44
  • Services: 31
  • Hotels: 27
  • Real Estate & Development: 22
  • Education: 17
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction: 14
  • Banks, Insurance & Legal: 13
  • Retail: 12
  • Buildings: Residential: 11
  • Individual Members: 9
  • Marketing, Advertising, Design & Communications: 7
  • Buildings: Commercial: 6
  • Parking & Transportation: 6
  • Media: 5
  • Landscaping & Maintenance: 4
  • Shipping, Printing & Distribution: 4
  • Energy: 2

2020 Members and Partners

  • 131 South Dearborn, LLC (Hines Interests, L.P.)
  • 212 W Washington Condominium Association
  • 360 Chicago
  • 3rd Coast Imaging, Inc.
  • 70 Eats
  • A&A Ballet Center For Dance
  • ABC7 / WLS Television, Inc.
  • About Last Knife
  • Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours
  • Acadia Realty Trust
  • AceBounce - Flight Club Darts Chicago
  • Adler University
  • Advanced E&S Group
  • Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward
  • Alderman Sophia King, 4th Ward
  • Allen, Barbara (Individual)
  • Allied Live
  • Aloha Print Group
  • American Writers Museum
  • The Anti-Cruelty Society
  • Anvan Midwest Realty Management Co., Inc.
  • Arnold, Ron (Honorary Board Member)
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Aspire Properties
  • AT&T Retail Store
  • Ateema Media & Marketing
  • Atrium Mall at the Thompson Center
  • Auditorium Theatre
  • Audrain, Cal (Honorary Board Member)
  • Balanced Environments, Inc.
  • Bannerville USA
  • Baum Realty Group, LLC
  • Beacon Capital Partners
  • Berghoff Catering and Restaurant Group
  • Berghoff, Herman (Honorary Board Member)
  • Big Bus Tours – Chicago
  • The Blackstone Hotel
  • Blake's Seed Based
  • Blick Art Materials
  • Block Thirty Seven
  • BMO Harris Bank
  • Bobby's Bike Hike – Chicago Tours
  • Brightview Landscape Services
  • British International School of Chicago South Loop
  • Broadway In Chicago
  • Buffet MP, LLC
  • Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago
  • BuildThis
  • CA Ventures
  • Café Bonhomme and Beatnik on the River
  • Cambria Chicago Loop – Theatre District
  • Campbell, Keith (Individual)
  • CannonDesign
  • Catco Consulting
  • CBD Kratom
  • CBRE Group, Inc.
  • CEDARst Companies
  • Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University
  • Chicago Architecture Center
  • Chicago Athletic Association Hotel
  • Chicago Bears Football Club
  • Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
  • Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • Chicago Department of Planning and Development
  • Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation
  • Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Chicago Elevated
  • Chicago Fashion Incubator
  • Chicago Loop Neighbors Association
  • Chicago Police Department, 1st District Central
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Chicago Semester
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • The Chicago Theatre
  • Chicago Timeshares
  • Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
  • Chicago Zoological Society | Brookfield Zoo
  • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
  • Chicagoland Retail Sector Center/ Pyramid Partnership, Inc.
  • Chicago's First Lady
  • Chick-fil-A State and Lake
  • Choose Chicago
  • Christkindlmarket Chicago – German American Services, Inc.
  • CIBC
  • CIRCLE Foundation – Innovations High School
  • City Winery
  • Clayco, Inc.
  • The Cliff Dwellers
  • Cochon Volant Brasserie
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • ComEd
  • Concord Realty Advisors
  • Concorde Print & Design
  • Conference Chicago at University Center
  • Convene
  • Corner Bakery Café
  • Corporate Office Construction, LLC
  • The Dearborn
  • DePaul University
  • Design Museum of Chicago
  • Dos Toros Taqueria
  • Downtown Apartment Company
  • Drunk Shakespere
  • Elephant & Castle
  • Elkin, Norman (Honorary Board Member)
  • Embarc
  • Emerald Loop Bar & Grill
  • Environmental Law & Policy Center
  • Envision Unlimited
  • Enwave Chicago
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago
  • EQ Office
  • Exchequer Restaurant and Pub
  • EXPO Chicago
  • Fairfield Properties
  • Fine Arts Building Studios
  • First United Methodist Church
  • FLATS The Alfred
  • FLIRT Communications
  • The Florentine
  • Flowers for Dreams
  • Fogo de Chao
  • Formento's
  • Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Trust
  • G3 Construction Group, Inc.
  • Gayle V's Best Ever Grilled Cheese
  • GDI Services, Inc.
  • GEMS World Academy Chicago
  • Gene Siskel Film Center
  • Gensler Design
  • Get Growing Foundation
  • GlenStar Asset Management
  • Goddess and the Baker
  • Godfrey Hotel Chicago
  • Goethe-Institut Chicago
  • GOGO Charters Chicago
  • Goodman Theatre
  • Goodman Williams Group
  • Grant Park Bistro
  • Grant Park Music Festival in Millennium Park
  • Gray Line Sightseeing Tours / Aries Charter Transportation
  • Green Star Movement
  • Grubnich, Ann (Individual)
  • Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites Chicago West Loop
  • Hampton Inn Majestic
  • Harold Washington Library
  • Healey, Lori (Honorary Board Member)
  • Heritage Outpost – The Loop
  • The Heritage at Millennium Park Condominium Association
  • Heritage Shops at Millennium Park
  • Hero Coffee Bars
  • Hilton Chicago
  • Hostelling International – Chicago
  • Hotel EMC2
  • Hotel Julian Chicago
  • Hughes, Ralph (Honorary Board Member)
  • Hyatt Centric – The Loop Chicago
  • Illinois Chamber of Commerce
  • Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Illinois Restaurant Association
  • Impact Networking
  • Industrious
  • Instawork
  • Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea
  • Interior Investments
  • International Museum of Surgical Science
  • InterPark
  • Island Party Hut
  • Italian Village Restaurants
  • J.C. Anderson, Inc.
  • The Joffrey Ballet
  • The John Buck Company
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • John Marshall Law School
  • JW Marriott Chicago Hotel
  • Katten, Mel (Honorary Board Member)
  • Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
  • Kehoe Designs
  • Key Magazine
  • Kimpton Gray Hotel
  • Kimpton Hotel Allegro
  • Kimpton Hotel Monaco
  • L3 Capital LLC
  • Labriola
  • Land & Lake Kitchen
  • Latinicity Food Hall
  • League of Chicago Theatres
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Lighthouse ArtSpace
  • LR Windsor
  • Luxe Barber & Shave Lounge
  • Lyft
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago
  • Macy's
  • Maggie Daley Park
  • Magnificent Mile Association
  • Marc Realty
  • The Marq
  • Max's Take Out
  • McGuire Engineers
  • Meredith Corporation
  • Merz Downtown
  • Metropolis Condominium Association
  • The Metropolitan
  • Metropolitan Planning Council
  • Metropolitan Properties of Chicago, LLC
  • MGLM Architects
  • The Mid-America Club
  • Mid-America Real Estate Corp.
  • MILA Chicago Luxury Apartments
  • Milieu Chicago
  • Millennium Park Plaza
  • Minor, Brent (Honorary Board Member)
  • Monk's Pub
  • Morton's The Steakhouse – Wacker Place Chicago
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Nando's Peri-Peri
  • NARE Investments/ North American Real Estate
  • National Charter Bus Chicago
  • Near South Planning Board
  • Neathery, Derek (Individual)
  • Newcastle Limited LLC
  • Noonan, William (Individual)
  • Norman Distribution
  • Ocean Prime
  • O'Connor, Meaghan (Individual)
  • Old Town Merchants & Residents Association
  • One North Kitchen and Bar
  • Organic Headshots
  • Paint the City
  • Palmer House Hilton Chicago
  • PC Events & Experiences, LLC
  • Peterson Picture Company
  • PNC Bank – Monroe and Dearborn
  • Poblocki Sign Company
  • Porchlight Music Theatre
  • Pressure Washing Systems
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Pritzker Military Museum & Library
  • Protein Bar
  • Proven IT
  • Public Communications, Inc.
  • Punch Bowl Social West Loop
  • RAM Racing
  • Randolph City Tower Apartments
  • Remington's
  • Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
  • Revolution Physical Therapy and Weight Loss
  • Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP
  • Roach, Anthony (Individual)
  • Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers
  • Russian Tea Time
  • SATC Law
  • Satler, Gail (Individual)
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • See Chicago Dance
  • Shoreline Sightseeing
  • Silk Road Rising
  • SilverIP Communications
  • site design group, ltd.
  • Skydeck Chicago
  • Skylight Studios – Skylight at the Chicago Board of Trade Building
  • Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  • SP Plus Corporation
  • Special Olympics Chicago
  • Specialty's Café and Bakery
  • Springboard Inc.
  • St. Jane Hotel
  • Staypineapple, An Iconic Hotel, The Loop
  • Stock and Ledger
  • Stone Real Estate Corp.
  • Sugar Bliss
  • Target
  • Taureaux Tavern
  • Tawani Property Management Loop – The Monroe  Building
  • Teatro ZinZanni
  • theWit Hotel
  • Tigerlily Events at Lincoln Park Zoo
  • TimeZoneOne
  • Tolpin & Partners, PC
  • Toni Patisserie and Café
  • Tucker, Inc.
  • Turning the Page
  • Twenty North State Condominium Association
  • Union League Club of Chicago
  • University Club of Chicago
  • University of Phoenix
  • Urban Real Estate
  • Veggie Grill
  • Vennequity LLC
  • Vero Design & Build
  • Virgin Hotels Chicago
  • W Chicago City Center
  • Wabash Lights
  • Walgreens
  • Weber Grill – Chicago
  • Webpass from Google Fiber
  • Well Done Hospitality Group
  • Well Dressed Tables by Arena Americas
  • Wendella
  • WeWork
  • Whimsical Candy Kitchen & Store
  • Willens Law Offices
  • Willie Dixon's Blues Foundation
  • Wintrust Bank Chicago
  • Wow Bao
  • Yelp, Inc.
  • Zonatherm Products



Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s annual gala was reimagined as a virtual fundraiser called Re-ACTIVATE... Read More.

Presented by Pressure Washing Systems, Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s annual gala was reimagined as a virtual fundraiser called Re-ACTIVATE.

The virtual event in support of the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation and the recovery of the Loop neighborhood was free to attend and open to the public, with a variety of opportunities to donate. Through donations and generous sponsors, the event raised over $90,000. Re-ACTIVATE featured keynote speaker Toni Griffin, founder and principal of urbanAC, professor in practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and director of the Just City Lab, in conversation with Chicago Loop Alliance Board Member and Gensler Principal David Broz; Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot; live painting by Chicago street artist Keith Smith, a.k.a. Afrokilla; Chicago Loop Alliance President and CEO Michael Edwards; and ABC 7’s Windy City Live host Val Warner as the event emcee.

Re-ACTIVATE's keynote conversation, "Making the Loop Everyone’s Neighborhood," spoke to the Loop's new nickname. The Loop is where Chicagoans from every ZIP code gather to work, shop, recreate, and protest. It’s the literal and figurative center of the city. The conversation focused on how the Loop can grow to become even more inclusive, equitable, accessible, and diverse.

Val Warner

Val Warner | Emcee

Host, ABC 7’s Windy City Live

Toni Griffin

Toni Griffin | Keynote Speaker

Founder and principal, urbanAC Professor in practice, Harvard Graduate School of Design Director, Just City Lab


Keith Smith, a.k.a. Afrokilla

Chicago Street artist

Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Lori E. Lightfoot

Chicago Mayor

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards

President and CEO, Chicago Loop Alliance

David Broz

David Broz

Chicago Loop Alliance Board Member
Principal, Gensler


Foundation Support

Foundation Support

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) affiliate organization that pushes the limits of what a downtown can be... Read More.

The Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) affiliate organization that pushes the limits of what a downtown can be for its residents, workers, and visitors.

The Foundation seeks to enrich the Loop’s public spaces through artistic expression and free cultural programing. By building a connection between people and the places they share, the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation hopes to create an inclusive downtown environment that fosters creativity and enhances the Loop’s appeal to the people and businesses that are a part of it.

Through support from the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s annual fundraisers and corporate sponsorships, the Foundation is able to provide and support strategic initiatives that improve the vibrancy of the Loop’s public spaces. Although much different than past years, the Foundation was able to deliver several unique programs such as mural installations throughout the Loop and Re-ACTIVATE, a virtual fundraiser.


  • Pressure Washing Systems


  • CIBC
  • Streetplus


  • CityEscape Garden & Design LLC
  • ComEd
  • DePaul University
  • Tawani Property Management – Loop


  • Auditorium Theatre
  • Downtown Apartment Company
  • Hard Surface Finishers, Inc.
  • Hilton Chicago


  • Acadia Realty Trust
  • CannonDesign
  • Chicago Zoological Society
  • Clayco
  • Gensler Design
  • InterPark
  • The Joffrey Ballet
  • SP Plus Corporation
  • Walgreens Co.


  • 3rd Coast Imaging
  • ABC-7/WLS Television, Inc.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Balanced Environments, Inc.
  • Bannerville USA
  • Broadway In Chicago
  • Enwave Chicago
  • Equity Office
  • Goodman Theatre
  • HLSA INC Security
  • Interior Investments
  • J.C. Anderson, Inc.
  • Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
  • Mid-America Real Estate Corp.
  • Proven IT
  • Renaissance Chicago Hotel
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • theWit Hotel
Chicago River



Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) creates, manages, and promotes positive and inclusive programs... Read More.

Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) creates, manages, and promotes positive and inclusive programs that attract people to the Loop and accelerate economic recovery.

CLA is contracted by the City of Chicago as the sole service provider for State Street Special Service Area #1-2015. The Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation (CLAF) is a 501(c)(3) affiliate organization that pushes the limits of what a downtown can be for its residents, workers, and visitors. The Foundation seeks to enrich the Loop’s public spaces through artistic expression and free cultural programing.

Please note the presence of two separate sets of financial reports:

Chicago Loop Alliance & Special Service Area 1-2015 2020 Financials

Revenue Budget   Actual
SSA Funding 3,121,695   2,529,724
Membership Dues 185,000   100,375
Sponsorships (unrestricted) 295,000   59,000
Administrative/Management Fees 95,000   64,895
Civic Partnerships 15,000   15,000
Grants (restricted) -   9,000
Community Networking Events 10,000   -
Other Income 25,200   79,682
Interest Income -   -
Total Revenue 3,746,895   2,857,676
General & Administration 1,265,556   934,047
Customer Attractions 522,600   330,142
Membership & Events 41,000   11,668
Public Way Aesthetics 1,306,989   1,034,904
Economic / Business Development 100,750   92,332
Public Safety Programs 510,000   518,777
Total Expenses 3,746,895   2,921,870
Total CLA Net Loss for 2020 -   (64,194)
Beginning of the Year 531,479   531,479
Change in Net Position -   (64,194)

Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation 2020 Financials

Revenue Budget   Actual
Annual Fundraising Event (Gala/Other Event) 255,000   114,873
Placemaking Sponsorship (Unrestricted) 165,000   43,222
Grants (Restricted) -   53,750
Annual Meeting 50,000   53,775
Other Income -   -
Total Revenue 470,000   265,620
Placemaking Expenses 147,300   44,602
Annual Fundraising Event Expenses 145,000   22,889
General & Administration 115,200   79,942
Annual Meeting Expenses 40,000   38,559
Other Program Expenses 22,500   18,700
Studies -   -
Total Expenses 470,000   204,693
Total Foundation Net Gain for 2020 -   60,928
Beginning of the Year 287,024   287,024
Change in Net Position -   60,928

*All figures are unaudited and based on the adopted 2020 operating budgets

Annual Meeting

Leadership & Staff

Leadership & Staff

Meet the dedicated team of leadership and staff members who serve Chicago Loop Alliance's mission... Read More.

State Street Commission

  • John H. Idler
    Commission Chairman President & General Manager
    ABC-7/WLS Television, Inc.
  • Greg Cameron
    Commission Vice Chairman President and CEO
    The Joffrey Ballet
  • Ryan G. Segal
    Commission Treasurer Vice President
    Acadia Realty Trust
  • La Verne O. Morris
    Commission Secretary Resident owner
  • Mark Anderson, CPM
    Property Manager Hines | Citadel Building
  • Gia Biagi
    Commissioner Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Maurice Cox
    Commissioner Chicago Department of Planning & Development
  • Kristin Duncan
    General Manager Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
  • Eric Finnegan
    General Manager Block 37 | CIM
  • Mark Kelly
    Commissioner Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • Dean Lane
    Area General Manager Hilton Chicago
  • Andrea Schwartz
    Vice President of Media Relations North Central and South Regions Macy’s
  • John Tully
    Commissioner Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation

Chicago Loop Alliance Officers

  • James Turner
    Chair Managing Director
    CIBC U.S.
  • Jean de St. Aubin
    Vice Chair Executive Director
    Gene Siskel Film Center
  • Laura Graves
    Treasurer Vice President of Operations & Business Planning
    ABC-7/WLS Television, Inc.
  • Simone A. Randolph
    Secretary Partner
    Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP
  • Judie Green
    Immediate Past Chair Chief Development Officer
    Auditorium Theatre

Board of Directors

  • David Broz Gensler
  • James F. Buczek SP+
  • Tom Buechele School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Bill Burfeind J.C. Anderson, Inc.
  • Ben Creamer Downtown Apartment Company/Downtown Realty Company
  • John Curran Big Bus Chicago
  • Louis D. D’Angelo Metropolitan Properties of Chicago LLC
  • Kirsten Ekdahl-Hull Equity Office
  • Julie Emms DePaul University
  • Kat Frerichs Tigerlily Events at Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Nora Gainer The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Rich Gamble Individual
  • Steve Gardner InterPark
  • Kearby Kaiser Drummond Advisors
  • Ryan Kingston theWit Hotel
  • Lori Kleinerman Chicago Architecture Center
  • Eileen LaCario Broadway In Chicago
  • Dan Boland Clayco, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Mackel Wintrust Bank
  • Cole Mansfield Staypineapple Chicago
  • George Miller Chicago Loop Neighbors Association
  • Tamar Mizrahi Goddess and the Baker
  • Charles R. Nash Concord Realty Advisors
  • Hassan el Neklawy JW Marriott Chicago
  • Stanley Nitzberg Mid-America Real Estate Group.
  • Bill Noonan Urban Innovations
  • Janette Outlaw Interior Investments
  • Jeffrey Patrick Target
  • Angel Perez ComEd
  • Paul J. Rades CBRE
  • Bradley Renner The Joffrey Ballet
  • Jim Rylowicz Enwave
  • Burim Saliu Walgreens
  • Matt Sarosy Macy's
  • Roche Edward Schulfer Goodman Theatre
  • Mark Shouger Ronald McDonald House
  • Charles Smith CannonDesign
  • YaFawn Smith Comcast, NBC Universal
  • Peter Tortorello Fairfield Properties
  • John Vance Stone Real Estate
  • Gary Warfel Vennequity
  • John G. Wells Hilton Chicago

Honorary Board

  • Ronald M. Arnold
  • Cal Audrain
  • Herman Berghoff
  • Norman Elkin
  • Lori T. Healey
  • Ralph Hughes
  • Melvin L. Katten
  • G. Brent Minor


Michael M. Edwards

Michael M. Edwards

President and CEO

Abel Rodriguez

Abel Rodriguez

Finance and Operations Director

Kiana DiStasi

Kiana DiStasi

Marketing Director

Sarah Morse

Sarah Morse

Membership Relations and Events Director

Kalindi Parikh

Kalindi Parikh

Director of Planning

Michael Edwards

Jessica Cabe

PR and Communications Manager

Ariella Gibson

Ariella Gibson

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Street Team Clean Team
2020 Street Team & Clean Team

Street Team members
throughout 2020

  • Octavion Thomas Program Manager
  • Vincent Accurso Team Leader
  • Alfonso Redditt
  • Terence Shelton
  • Antonie Johnson
  • Mark Orr
  • Paris Williamson
  • Nakena Calhoun
  • Alonzo Zollicoffer
  • Dawayne Wills

Clean Team members
throughout 2020

  • Daniel Moore
  • Chana Johnson
  • Nicolas Roa
  • Roberto Torres
  • Patrick Williamson
  • Ajoni Upton
  • Sammie Stansbury
  • Harold Matthews
  • Kenneth Taylor
  • Michael Cuevas
  • Larry Taylor

Security Patrols
throughout 2020

  • Jack Baldwin
  • Dorota Bednarz
  • Frederick Choute
  • Amanda Colbert
  • Daniel Coffman
  • Ken Crawford
  • Erick George
  • Parris George
  • Mark Goddard
  • Michael Hampton
  • Alex Howard
  • Peter Kruse
  • Josephine McDonald
  • Chris McKenzie
  • Willie Mitchell
  • Issac Rucker
  • Gil Ruiz
  • Albert Seals
  • Armando Skerrett
  • Josh Webber