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'The Art Deco Nutcracker' at A&A Ballet


The Art Deco Nutcracker "is impossible to find one word that summarizes Kremnev's choreography: It is everything, encompassing the best and brilliance of what movement can be while breaking boundaries of what we know." — The Huffington Post

"It's a fresh and fantastic work that holds its own with ballets in every season." — The PerformInk

"A glossy rendition filled with 'gorgeous, glitzy costumes' and an 'impressive cast" — The Chicago Tribune

"One of the most endearing introductions to this classic as you’re likely to find." — The City Pleasures

"The electricity of his work echoes with audiences of all ages." — The Huffington Post

"With every bit of zeal, heart, and exceptional attention to detail that has come to define his work as a choreographer--not to mention, make the smallest nuances of his pieces explosions of musicality, electricity, and vigor.” — The Huffington Post

"With choreography by Alexei Kremnev, it brought dance to a whole new level. He created some of the most interesting choreography in memory." — The Cincinnati Enquire

"Kremnev is making ballet choreography as a whole better. He doesn't push limits; he works beyond them. His ideas aren't adapted; he invents new ones." — The Huffington Post

"Kremnev's musical sense is outstanding. He's got an encyclopedic sense of what works for his purposes, uncannily links the mix and fits movements as though the collection was written specifically for him." — The City Beat

Production credits:

  • Composer - Peter I. Tchaikovsky
  • Choreographer - Alexei Kremnev
  • Production Designer - Gabriel Brandon-Hanson
  • Choreographer's Assistant, Rehearsals Director - Anna Reznik
  • Lighting and Projection Designer - TBA
  • Wardrobe, Costume Designer - Laura Skarich
  • Make-up - Jill Glaser
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Event Date

  • December 6 - 08, 2019


A&A Ballet


410 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605