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Porchlight Music Theatre

Porchlight Music Theatre is known for its bold, edgy and intimate music theatre, offering audiences the drama, song and dance “up close” with Chicago and Broadway’s brightest music theatre talent.

Porchlight Music Theatre is Chicago's home for music theatre, bringing its bold and smart approach to the Gold Coast's intimate Ruth Page Center for the Arts and neighborhoods across the city. For almost three decades, Porchlight has earned a growing and die-hard audience base, as well as national critical acclaim.


Porchlight offers audiences fresh takes on classic musicals, modern shows recently on Broadway and works that are new to the world, all featuring the city's brightest talent. Honored with dozens of awards for its Mainstage productions, Porchlight’s commitment to the past, present and future of music theatre led to the Porchlight Revisits and New Faces Sing Broadway series, both quickly becoming audience favorites, as well as popular youth classes, audience engagement and community outreach programs. It's better than Broadway, and it's right in your backyard.

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