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New LaSalle Aglow project illuminates dim corridor

Posted  42 days ago  in  Trending

4 MIN READ – As part of the effort to enhance the Loop during a crucial revitalization, Chicago Loop Alliance activated 20 windows along the LaSalle Corridor from Madison to Jackson. Over 30 artists with Paint the City participated in the unique art installations backlit by dramatic lighting, on display through March 31. The installation is made possible through the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) Small Business Storefront Activation Program. View full details at LoopChicago.com/LaSalleAglow.

“LaSalle Aglow illuminates iconic Loop buildings like the Rookery, and the project serves as a step towards enacting suggested initiatives in the recently released LaSalle Reimagined plan,” said Michael Edwards, President and CEO of Chicago Loop Alliance. “This project would not be possible without forward thinking property owners’ participation. Diversifying vacant storefronts invites pedestrians to interact with the corridor and encourages further utilization of a vital sector of the Loop community.” 

"The BACP Small Business Storefront Activation Program creates opportunities for local community-based organizations to creatively collaborate with local artists to enhance public spaces,” said BACP Commissioner Kenneth J. Meyer. “LaSalle Aglow, spearheaded by the Chicago Loop Alliance, is a fantastic approach to elevating one of the Loop’s most iconic and visually astounding corridors.”

As part of the initiative, Chicago Loop Alliance partnered with artist collective, Paint the City, to conceptualize and execute a variety of artistic styles, illustrating the diversity of art and its ability to affect people’s perception of place.

The following storefront windows are activated through the winter season, or until the space is leased.

  • 231 S. LaSalle
  • 209 S. LaSalle
  • 135 S. LaSalle
  • 2 N. LaSalle

Through the BACP Small Business Storefront Activation Program, the City of Chicago has provided grant funding to local community development organizations and chambers of commerce to support small businesses by activating vacant storefronts across the city. These organizations, including the Chicago Loop Alliance, have worked closely with small business owners, artists, and landlords to provide rapid relief to small businesses by designing and implementing vacant storefront activations on commercial corridors. A full listing of participating locations is available by visiting Chicago.gov/BACPRecoveryPlan.