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5 Things You’d Never Expect to Do in the Loop

Posted  5 years ago  in  Trending

3 MIN READ - In the Chicago Loop, you can experience the best of everything the city has to offer. However, it’s easy to get blinded by the glittering marquees, iconic architecture that dazzles from every angle, and world-famous attractions. We’re here to make sure you don’t miss the best-kept secrets of Chicago.

Celebrate the Arts in an Alley

A series of pop-up arts programs in the summer, ACTIVATE has been transforming alleys and unexpected locations into creative exhibition spaces since its launch in 2014. It brings local artists and the public together for an evening of exploration, interaction, and celebration of the arts. This year’s event, under the name ACTIVATE: Backstage, celebrates the City of Chicago’s Year of Chicago Theatre in a series of four summer nights inspired by the art of performances. Experience interactive art, live music, and immersive audience participation in unusual urban spaces around the Loop. RSVP for a free drink. Learn More

Eat and Relax in the Middle of State Street, “That Great Street”

Dubbed as the “people plaza” by the City of Chicago, The Gateway gives you an unimagined comfort in the middle of State Street by Wacker Drive. Canopied tables, chairs, banners, and planters offer urban vibrancy through color and texture. Here, you can eat, socialize, or simply relax in bliss. Before being transformed into a popular gathering place by Chicago Loop Alliance, The Gateway was a space hidden in plain sight.

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Snag Half-Priced Theatre Tickets

Hot Tix offers half-price tickets to a wide variety of Chicago theatre productions for the current week as well as future performances. Half-priced tickets are available at its Loop outlets or online. A service of the non-profit League of Chicago Theatres, Hot Tix is unique to Chicago and has been serving Chicago theatres and audiences for 40 years.

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Visit a Premier Photography Museum for Free

The Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) at Columbia College Chicago is the world’s premier college art museum dedicated to photography. It has established a reputation for broadening the visual arts by exhibiting emerging and acclaimed photographers, with recent exhibitions featuring the work of Afrofuturist photographers and international artist and activist Ai Weiwei. Explore thought-provoking and groundbreaking exhibitions and programming at MoCP.

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Walk in Chicago's History

The Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) is the city’s new all-in-one architecture experience: both a museum with two floors of fascinating exhibits and a gateway to more than 85 awe-inspiring boat, walking, bus, bike, and L tours. One of its 85+ tours, “Chicago Architecture: A Walk Through Time,” takes a comprehensive look at the city’s architectural history by viewing buildings in chronological order, from early skyscrapers to new supertall high rises. Before taking the tour, check out the Chicago City Model Experience at the CAC, featuring more than 4,000 buildings and interactive elements that tell amazing stories of the city.

Craft Your Itinerary

The Chicago Loop has plenty for you. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, find the things you love and experience the best of everything the city has to offer.

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