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Chicago Loop Alliance Committees

As an additional benefit, Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) members are invited to serve on the following committees if interested.

Monitors and provides feedback on architecture, physical planning, and other issues that impact businesses and pedestrians in the Loop. Working in conjunction with the Aldermen's offices and the City of Chicago, reviews architectural designs, renovation proposals, signage, construction, and other issues that affect the success and quality of the Loop's built environment.

Develops initiatives that promote the Loop as a premiere destination for workers, visitors, tourists, students and residents. Works to centralize promotional efforts behind CLA's programs and events; and maximize exposure to member businesses.

Works to provide a mix of events designed to allow the membership to interact and to strengthen the relationships between the various membership sectors.

A group of urban planners, architects, designers, artists, academics, and other downtown stakeholders that seeks ways to enrich the public's experience of the Loop and create a strong sense of local character. Designs public art and special events and utilizes urban design and planning approaches to build upon the Loop's physical assets and create quality public space for residents, workers, and tourists alike.

ADDITIONAL COMMITTEES (restricted to CLA Board members only)

Board Engagement Committee
Board Engagement Committee shall consist of up to seven (7) persons who are members of the Board. The Board Engagement Committee shall be responsible for the identification, recruitment nomination and orientation of new Board members and the education and promotion of engagement of existing Board members.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of no more than seventeen Board members of CLA. The Executive Committee will be chaired by the CLA Chairperson and will exercise the authority of the Board of Directors in between the meetings of the Board of Directors. 

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall consist of no less than 5 persons who are members of the Board of Directors.  The Finance Committee is responsible for managing the CLA’s finances, coordinating and reviewing CLA’s financial records and other matters as assigned by the Board or Executive Committee.