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'Theatre in the Loop' takes over State Street with graphic banners created by Chicago youth abstracting iconic marquees

Posted  4 years ago

Press contact: Jessica Cabe | PR and Communications Manager, Chicago Loop Alliance jessica@chicagoloopalliance.com | 312-782-9160


CHICAGO—For the month of September, State Street in the Loop will pop with bright blue banners, created by youth living in Chicago communities affected by violence, that pay homage to the Loop’s most iconic theatre marquees. “Theatre in the Loop” by Chicago Loop Alliance, in partnership with the Design Museum of Chicago and One For One, celebrates the Year of Chicago Theatre and “Setting the Stage: Objects of Chicago Theatre,” an exhibition at the Design Museum of Chicago that runs through Jan. 5, 2020.

Theatres whose marquees are represented on the banners are the Cadillac Palace Theatre, Chicago Theatre, CIBC Theatre, Goodman Theatre and Nederlander Theatre. The Design Museum of Chicago worked with students enrolled in One For One to create the graphics. The process began by students creating a rendering of the original marquee using a piece of dotted grid paper. The Design Museum of Chicago then translated the rendering to a digital image, zoomed in, added detail and translated it to a striking blue, white and yellow color palette. The results are graphic representations of iconic marquees.

“Chicago is widely recognized by its magnificent and impactful theatre marquee signage,” said Tanner Woodford, founder and executive director of the Design Museum of Chicago. “Working with Chicago Loop Alliance and brilliant students enrolled in One For One, we captured this spirit by abstracting Loop-based theatre marquees.”

Chicago Loop Alliance is the sole service provider for Special Service Area (SSA) #1-2015, which covers State Street from Wacker Drive to Ida B. Wells Drive. Part of its responsibilities include managing the banners on State Street, and past campaigns have included 2018’s “The Shape of Chicago: John Massey’s 1968 Banners Revisited,” an initiative that celebrated the city’s Year of Chicago Youth, and 2017’s Bob Faust-designed series paying homage to the Loop’s iconic public art, which celebrated the city’s Year of Public Art.

“We have been pleased to celebrate the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events’ ‘Year of’ initiatives with creative banner programs, and we’re so excited to pay tribute to the Loop’s incredible Theatre District this year,” said Michael Edwards, Chicago Loop Alliance president and CEO. “We see every day what a huge impact theater has on making the Loop a vibrant destination for residents, workers and visitors alike—our 2018 Arts in the Loop Economic Impact Study proves it. So being able to partner with the Design Museum of Chicago and engage young people through One For One, all with the goal of celebrating theater, has been our great pleasure.”

About Chicago Loop Alliance

Chicago Loop Alliance’s (CLA) mission is to create, manage and promote high-performing urban experiences, attracting people and investment to the Loop. CLA is a membership organization as well as the sole service provider for Special Service Area#1-2015, and the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation produces public art projects and events.

About the Design Museum of Chicago

The Design Museum of Chicago strengthens design culture and builds community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through dynamic experiences. Through exhibitions, public and private programs, digital media and workshops, the museum facilitates an open conversation about design across disciplines and borders. ​We believe design has the capacity to fundamentally improve the human condition, and strive to make it accessible to everyone through a public space in the Chicago Loop.

About One For One

One For One fosters transformative connections that help youth navigate a possible path forward. One For One believes in the fundamental idea that one person, one choice, one step, one chance, one job, one day, one opportunity can change a life. One For One was originally established in 2007 as the Ferrer Foundation, which focused on children of incarcerated parents. The organization has evolved its mission over the years to best serve youth living in Chicago communities where violence is present.

About Year of Chicago Theatre

Chicago Loop Alliance is proud to be part of the 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre, presented by the City of Chicago and the League of Chicago Theatres. To truly fall in love with Chicago, you must go to our theatres. This is where the city bares its fearless soul. Home to a community of creators, risk-takers, and big hearts, Chicago theatre is a hotbed for exciting new work and hundreds of world premieres every year. From Broadway musicals to storefront plays and improv, there’s always a seat waiting for you at one of our 200+ theatres. Book your next show today at www.chicagoplays.com.