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Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation's 2019 Annual Meeting Announced

Posted  4 years ago


DATE & TIME: Thursday, Feb. 14, 7-9:30 a.m.

PLACE: Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave.

ABOUT: Join 400 Chicago Loop Alliance stakeholders for breakfast as we offer a recap of 2018 and share plans for 2019, including: expanding our placemaking efforts to encompass true urban planning, including an updated Economic Profile of the Loop and initial planning for a State Street vision; redeveloping our Downtown Futures Series to focus on the relationship of the Loop to new mega-developments throughout the city; and more.

KEYNOTE: Sheila Grant, writer and editor of “Design Downtown for Women (Men will Follow)” – Grant will explore the influence women can have on the success of a downtown and discuss how factors like parking, lighting and color play a role in ensuring this demographic feels safe, welcome and included. All guests will receive a copy of her book.


TITLE SPONSORS: Chicago Zoological Society | Brookfield Zoo, GDI Integrated Facility Services, Interior Investments, Joffrey Ballet, and theWit 

BOARD PRESIDENT: Judie Moore Green

PRESIDENT & CEO: Michael Edwards

TICKET PRICE: Member ticket: $75; Non-member ticket: $85; Supporting sponsor: $1,000; Title sponsor: $2,500

TICKETS: 312-782-9160, sarah@chicagoloopalliance.com

PRESS CONTACT: Jessica Cabe, PR and Communications Manager, Chicago Loop Alliance. 312-782-9160, jessica@chicagoloopalliance.com