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About SSA#1-2015


Chicago Loop Alliance is contracted by the City of Chicago as the sole service provider for State Street Special Service Area #1-2015. The goal of State Street Special Service Area #1-2015 is to position State Street as a highly desirable world-class retail, entertainment and cultural destination that attracts Chicago residents, tourists and visitors as well as new businesses and real estate development.

Services Provided Through SSA#1-2015

Under the guidance of the State Street Commission and administered by Chicago Loop Alliance, SSA #1-2015 achieves our ambitions by providing enhanced services to State Street and portions of Wabash Avenue. Services provided by SSA#1-2015 include: 

  • Street Team Ambassadors Street Team Ambassadors monitor State Street and strengthen relationships with local merchants, visitors and assist individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty. 
  • Clean Team Ambassadors - Clean Team Ambassadors are responsible for providing sidewalk litter, graffiti and snow removal.
  • Security Ambassadors - Security Ambassadors monitor the street and address security and shoplifting concerns from SSA#1-2015 businesses. 
  • Landscaping and Holiday DecorationsSSA #1-2015 funds seasonal landscaping in nearly 100 planters along nine blocks of State Street.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance - Chicago Loop Alliance conducts weekly street surveys of the area to monitor and address issues, ranging from broken street lights to ordinance violations.
  • Research & Reports - SSA #1-2015 supports research and reports, including economic and education studies, to attract investment to State Street.
  • Public Art and Placemaking - CLA commissions renowned and emerging artists to create dynamic, site-specific public artworks in highly-visible locations throughout State Street.
  • Destination Marketing - Chicago Loop Alliance brands State Street as a vibrant, ever-changing visitor destination, attracting media attention and tourism to the district.

Boundaries of SSA#1-2015

The local assessment district includes all property on both sides of State Street between Wacker Drive to the north and Congress Parkway to the south. 

SSA#1-2015 Boundaries Map

Funding for SSA#1-2015

Each year, the State Street Commission approves a budget for SSA #1-2015 which is determined by the levy the city collects.