Enhanced Services
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Enhanced Services

Chicago Loop Alliance provides cleanliness, beautification, safety, and maintenance services to Special Service Area #1-2015, covering State Street from Wacker to Ida B. Wells and parts of Wabash Avenue.

In 2022, Street Team Ambassadors:

  • Expanded east and west in the Loop as a visible presence for returning workers and visitors temporarily in winter and summer
  • Served as a model for 12 other Chicago corridor ambassador programs for the summer
  • Partnered with Unite Us and Doctors for America for an in-depth analysis of the social services in the Loop
  • Launched CLA Security Committee for constant communication with interested members, along with monthly meetings of the committee and other city officials and departments
social service referrals made
directions given
Street Team Outreach
Clean Team Ambassadors

Clean Team Ambassadors keep State Street welcoming and safe by clearing snow from sidewalks, removing graffiti, sanitizing touch points, and more.

surface sanitizations, including bus stop seats, trash cans, newspaper racks, door handles, and bike racks
graffiti tags and stickers removed
pounds of trash removed
inches of snow removed from the sidewalks on State Street

State Street’s unarmed Security Patrols played a vital role in keeping SSA#1-2015 safe in 2022, especially overnight, on weekends, and during holidays and special events.

security roll calls
hours Security Patrols spent on State Street
CTA station checks

Other enhanced services that created a sense of arrival on State Street include:

  • Power washing
  • Sidewalk repair and sealing
  • Maintenance of light poles, tree grates, and cast iron fencing
  • Landscaping in nearly 100 planters along State Street
  • Updated electrical outlets in 77 lamp posts along State Street
  • Enhanced holiday lighting to position State Street as a holiday destination
Holiday Lights
Holiday Lights