Loop Chicago

Chicago Loop Ambassadors 

Chicago Loop Ambassadors provide enhanced hospitality services, foster a consistent pedestrian experience and keep State Street clean, beautiful and safe seven days a week.

In October 2016, Chicago Loop Alliance merged its Clean Team and Street Team programs to form the Chicago Loop Ambassadors. Managed by CLA, the Chicago Loop Ambassadors are utilizing new mobile technology to monitor the cleanliness and safety of State Street. While team members will continue to have unique responsibilities, the Ambassadors can now track all services on a shared system and alert each other of real-time hospitality and cleaning issues to be addressed efficiently and professionally.

Additionally, the Chicago Loop Ambassadors will continue to build on strategic partnerships, leveraging relationships with social service providers, State Street businesses and the Chicago Police Department to curb aggressive panhandling and provide resources to those in critical need. Through weekly business check-ins, Ambassadors will also continue to act as a resource for local merchants on issues concerning State Street.


In 2016, Chicago Loop Alliance’s cleaning and hospitality teams…

  • Gave directions to residents and visitors 11,793 times
  • Interacted with panhandlers 8,112 times
  • Handed out 2,262 Resource Guides to those in need
  • Transitioned 4 individuals off the streets
  • Removed 28,425 pounds of trash 
  • Removed 1,467 stickers and graffiti tags