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The Body Shop

The Body Shop is the original, natural and ethical beauty brand.

Products from The Body Shop nourish, enrich and uplift but never make false promises. The Body Shop offers 100% vegetarian skincare and body care products are never tested on animals and are sourced with the finest natural ingredients from around the world

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3 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60602


Closed. Reopens Thursday 9:00AM

  • Monday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Thursday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Friday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Saturday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Sunday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM