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Museum of Illusions

Designed to amuse, amaze and stimulate the senses, the Museum of Illusions features more than 80 unique visual and educational installations appealing to locals and tourists of all ages.

The Museum of Illusions is a unique and exciting concept offering the opportunity to interact with and immerse oneself in over 80 fascinating exclusionary exhibits.

We operate with two aims: to educate and to entertain. Our exhibits unveil the mechanics behind mind-bending illusions while also shocking the senses and playing on perception.

The story behind the Museum of Illusions began in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, where the first museum was opened. As of today, there are over 20 museums globally including US locations in New York, Dallas and Kansas City. The concept of the Museum is based on the principal of fun and offers an original and unique experience to visitors, locals and tourists alike.

Within the Museum, there is also a ''Dilemma'' indoor playroom and ''Dilemma'' shop where visitors of all ages can play, compete, learn and buy mind challenging tours and games that encourage creative thinking.

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25 West Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602


Sun. - Thurs. 10a - 8 p
Fri. - Sat. 10a - 9 p
Online ticketing required