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HUB312 Operated by Shift Transit


HUB312 is your mobility hub in the heart of Chicago's downtown, located in the McDonald's Cycle Center in Millennium Park.

HUB312 offers bike rentals, guided tours and on-site bike shop service, as well as memberships with access to secure bike parking, lockers and shower services.

The facility allows you to commute without the stress of finding a safe place to lock up, while helping runners to freshen up before happy hour with friends. With Chicago being one of the best cycling cities, come rent bikes or enjoy a guided tour with family and friends. Their goal is to support your decision to live an active lifestyle in the city.

Whether you're a commuter, local or visitor, HUB312 serves a diverse and inclusive range of customers by offering access to active transportation options and related services. Come visit in the northeast corner of Millennium Park!

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