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Chicago Jobs Council

The Chicago Jobs Council aims to create a more equitable society by addressing the ways systemic, institutional, and individual racism create disparities for people of color in the labor market.

The Jobs Council's mission is to move people out of poverty through employment, using on-the- ground expertise, policy advocacy, and capacity building. Their focus has been on individuals who have been systemically excluded from mainstream employment, living in communities disproportionately experiencing poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to critical resources that make employment possible. Founded in 1981, the original mission of the Jobs Council was to track economic development funds earmarked for low-income Chicagoans. Over their 40-year history, they have actively worked at the intersection of policy and practice, and have evolved to serve as a critical intermediary organization positioned to: bring the frontline experience of jobseekers to systems change conversations; convene and facilitate systems change processes; and make connections between typically siloed systems. Each year, they work alongside their 80+ members (as well as an additional 335+ unique organizational partners), and estimate that ultimately 40,000 disadvantaged job seekers and workers benefit from their work annually.

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+1 312-252-0460


29 E Madison Street Suite 1700-C
Chicago, IL 60602


9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday