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Art on theMART Now Projects Seven Nights a Week

Posted  3 years ago  in  Arts and Culture, Trending

Need another sign that summer is here? Art on theMART, the largest permanent digital art projection in the world, will expand from five nights a week to seven nights a week from May 13-September 29. The nightly program will kick off with additional new work that supplements the current spring projections.

On May 13, John Boesche will present new acts to 7 soliloquies, a multi-part projection piece that premiered March 13, highlighting seven significant Chicago theater artists in brief solo performances. In addition to performers, the work features prominent composers, sound and scenic designers, puppeteers, and visual artists, including Sandra Delgado, Blair Thomas, Mike Nussbaum, and more.

The program will also feature a preview of a collaboration between scenic designer John Musial and Lucky Plush Artistic Director Julia Rhoads that will premiere in June. The work utilizes fragmented choreography and script from Julia Rhoads' work with Lucky Plush, a Chicago-based dance and theater ensemble, reimagined within John Musial's layered and evocative projection design. The source material draws from Lucky Plush's Rooming House, in which varied interpretations of personal and mythic storytelling leads down a rabbit hole into the lives of everyday people who do extraordinary things. Both works align with the 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre, a city-wide celebration of Chicago’s theater community spearheaded by the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and the League of Chicago Theatres.