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6 Ways to Spring Out of the Winter Blues

Posted  4 years ago  in  Loop List, Loop Locals

Spring is on the horizon. However, shorter days and temperatures well below freezing point can still make you feel lethargic and irritable. To help you fight the winter blues, we put together some ideas on how you can boost your brain’s endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals that can help you. And they are conveniently located in the Chicago Loop.

Create an Indoor Fun List

Sometimes we forget to be tourists in our city. Some of the city’s best attractions are located indoors. Whether you’re a fan of literature, photography, architecture, music, design, science, or art collection from around the globe, the Loop has museums and galleries that fit your interest. Be sure to take advantage of free museum days. Explore More

Relax and Unwind

Adults need self-care, too. There are plenty of spas that offer the ultimate respite in the middle of the bustling Loop. These serene and sophisticated urban spas allow you to de-stress as well as unwind both your body and mind while relaxing massage rejuvenate your skin and muscle. Learn More

Get (Truly) Social

More and more researches are showing us the link between using too much social media and depression. Pause social media and warm up your heart hanging out with friends and family. Make a lunch or dinner date, or simply grab a drink after work. The Loop has one of the most dynamic scenes including year-round, swanky rooftops with sweeping views. Explore More

Move It

Resist staying in your toasty bed enclosed in covers. Just 30 minutes of exercise three days a week can have a significant impact on your overall mental health. In the Loop, it can all be fun. First Ascent offers an indoor facility featuring world-class rock climbing terrain, a full schedule of yoga classes, and state of the art fitness equipment. You can also skate at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon. If you want something less intense, take a brisk walk through the Loop’s art scene during your lunch.

Plan a Staycation

Whether you have extra vacation days to burn or need some time away from your daily routine, a staycation offers the sweetest escape. Without splurging a fortune on flights, the Loop’s hotels allow you to disconnect while enjoying world-class culture, food, outdoor space, shopping, iconic attractions Chicago has to offer. Learn More

Catch a Show at Goodman Theatre

Pulitzer Prize finalist Rebecca Gilman marks her ninth production (and seventh world premiere) at Goodman Theatre with Twilight Bowl — featuring an all-female company. With her signature grace, wit and compassion, Rebecca Gilman (Luna Gale, Boy Gets Girl) questions the blueprint for a successful life, and embraces the unknown on the road ahead. It’s now playing through March 10. Explore More