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Whether you are looking to promote your business, increase your network, or re-position your company within the Chicago business community, Chicago Loop Alliance has marketing opportunities to allow you to gain prominent recognition among customers in Chicago’s central business district.

Member Marketing Campaigns

To showcase the Loop’s unique amenities and keep visitors downtown, Chicago Loop Alliance produces several marketing campaigns that enhance its members messages and create a comprehensive visitor experience. These campaigns include summer and holiday destination marketing campaigns, coupon books, discounted advertising opportunities and more. In order to take advantage of these exclusive marketing campaigns and promotions participants must be a Chicago Loop Alliance member or SSA#1-2015 business.

Membership Marketing Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Loop is an ideal location to be seen, heard and shared, and Chicago Loop Alliance can make it happen. With a diverse range of available sponsorship opportunities, companies committed to improving downtown are provided with the voice to do so. Sponsorship opportunities include the State Street Destination Marketing Program, ACTIVATE sponsorship and Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Illumination Gala Sponsorship.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Signage Guidelines

Chicago Loop Alliance, in cooperation with the City of Chicago, has worked to put guidelines and ordinances in place to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the Loop for the benefit of all who live, work and play downtown. The purpose of these mandates is to promote an attractive and gracious pedestrian environment along the State Street / Wabash Avenue and Michigan Avenue commercial corridors while reinforcing the distinctive, historic and architectural character of those streets.