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Tall Towers, Big Brands

The Loop is the undisputed center of business in the region, its office towers boasting some of the world’s most revered brands.

The Loop is a great place to do business. Boasting the highest concentration of jobs in the State of Illinois and an estimated 45% of the city’s supply of competitive office space, it’s the economic nucleus of one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies. Simply put, the Loop is Chicago’s office address.

Chicago has long operated at the center of global commerce. At the turn of the 20th Century—a time many consider the golden age of development in Chicago—the Loop’s economy was bolstered by some of the biggest names in retail who gambled on the promise of State Street. And those investments paid off; the Loop has become the second largest commercial district in the United States, rivaled only by Manhattan.

Today, hundreds of thousands of workers and a growing list of multinational corporations have made similar decisions to invest in the Loop. Why? For some, it’s all about access. The Loop is served by two of the nation’s leading national and international airports, six major interstates and a network of passenger and freight railroads that bring travelers and cargo right into the heart of downtown. For others, it’s about lifestyle. It’s easy to fall in love with the Loop’s amenities, from its cultural destinations to the public parks and plazas that provide a unique setting for the most important business transactions.

Whatever your reason, we’re glad you’re here. Learn why the Chicago Loop is a savvy investment in today’s modern business world.