Loop Chicago

Change for the Better

Due to proposed government budget cuts, it is more important than ever to support the social service agencies that support the homeless in Chicago.

One of Chicago’s greatest assets is its inclusiveness. The city welcomes everyone—young and old, businessperson and artist, city-dweller and newcomer, gay and straight, able-bodied and those with disabilities, rich and poor. Chicago’s diversity lends to its remarkable cultural richness.

As you enjoy yourself downtown, you may encounter persons on the street who approach you and ask you to sign petitions, take surveys, buy items or seek donations or money. Persons seeking money may work with charities or businesses or may simply be individuals in need. Like many large cities, in our downtown area you may also encounter people who are impoverished or experiencing homelessness. For each of us, giving donations—and how we give—is a matter of personal conscience and may be helpful to people on the street for a short- term need.

In each of these situations if you are approached by others, Chicago Loop Alliance urges you to extend consideration: you are not required to talk to anyone who solicits you or to respond to requests of whatever nature; but you do have choices. Decide for yourself whether to respond or whether or not to give. If you do respond, please be civil.

At Chicago Loop Alliance, one of our objectives is to support systemic and comprehensive solutions to addressing issues of homelessness in Downtown Chicago.  
In addition or instead of giving directly to persons on the street, you may choose to give to organizations which address poverty or provide for the poor or homeless. In some circumstances you may wish to seek aid to help a person in distress on the street. Helpful contacts for assistance for homeless persons can be found in the Change for the Better brochure or Resource Guide. 

Chicago Loop Alliance is here to make the downtown experience a high performing for all Chicagoans and guests. Our Street Team Ambassadors can be contacted for information or to arrange assistance for someone in need of aid.

Information on Change for the Better will be disseminated via brochures handed out by CLA’s Street Team Ambassadors along State Street, as well as during residential/office building lobby fairs to be scheduled throughout the Loop in the coming months. CLA will also work with student organizations at higher education institutions in the Loop to share the information.

Working with its Street Team Ambassadors, Chicago Loop Alliance has engaged a variety of Chicago human services agencies to participate in Change for the Better, including The Chicago Help Initiative and Breakthrough Urban Ministries. All are beneficiaries of donations made at PublicGood.com/Chicago and additional Chicago social service providers are welcome to contact CLA to join the program.