Loop Chicago

Enhanced Services

In order to accomplish the mission of State Street Special Service Area #1-2015, Chicago Loop Alliance provides enhanced services that maintain Chicago's "Great Street" and promote a high-performing urban experience that attracts people and investment.

Clean Team

Chicago Loop Alliance entrusts its Clean Team with keeping State Street clean and beautiful.

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Street Team

Street Team Ambassadors provide enhanced hospitality and foster a consistent pedestrian experience on State Street.

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Change for the Better

Change for the Better informs the public about panhandling laws while also providing an easily accessible online donation site where donors can give simultaneously to multiple human services agencies to make a long-term difference in the lives of those on the street.

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SSA #1-2015 funds seasonal landscaping in nearly 100 planters along nine blocks of State Street.

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Infrastructure Maintenance

Chicago Loop Alliance conducts weekly street surveys of the area to monitor and address issues, ranging from broken street lights to ordinance violations.

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Research & Reports

SSA #1-2015 supports research and reports, including economic and education studies, to attract investment to State Street.

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Destination Marketing

Chicago Loop Alliance brands State Street as a vibrant, ever-changing visitor destination, attracting media attention and tourism to the district.

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