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Olio City is your go-to app for authentic city discovery, personalized to your specific taste and preferences. How do we do it? By marrying original content with an algorithm that learns user preferences. Our team of cultural aficionados curate a database of the best local experiences a city has to offer through events, restaurants, attractions and more. The app then tailors those results to each user’s interests, based on their likes and dislikes. Whether it’s jazz music or Japanese fusion, these preferences travel with you – across town and across state lines– to offer recommendations that fit your taste. Much like other industries that have harnessed the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to recommend movies and music, Olio City is doing the same to revolutionize the travel industry. Because, at the end of the day, who knows you better than yourself?

In addition to personalized suggestions, Olio users can explore local neighborhood guides and get insight from famous locals on their favorite spots for a late night drink or a pre-game meal. Say goodbye to wasted hours reading reviews or doing countless searches – Olio City brings you what you want, where you want, all in one place.