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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago


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1147 W Jackson Blvd
(312) 850-9744

Music / Theater

Founded in 1977 by choreographer and Fifth Star Award winner Lou Conte, Hubbard Street is among the world's most celebrated contemporary dance organizations. Under the leadership of Glenn Edgerton and Jason D. Palmquist, Hubbard Street continues to innovate, supporting its creative talent while presenting repertory by the field's internationally recognized living artists. Hubbard Street has grown through the establishment of multiple platforms alongside the Lou Conte Dance Studio, entering its fifth decade offering a wide range of public classes and pre-professional training. Extensive Youth, Education, Community, Adaptive Dance, and Family Programs keep the organization deeply connected to its hometown, while Hubbard Street 2 stewards early-career artists, and the main company performs all year long, in Chicago and on tour.