Loop Chicago

Other Closures & Impacts

Portions of the Loop are periodically impacted by private construction work, public events, movie filming, and other projects. Major impacts are listed below.

Block Thirty Seven Apartments

CIM Group is constructing a 34-story, 690-unit apartment tower on top of Block Thirty Seven. At its completion, the tower will be the largest by-unit count apartment building in the central business district and biggest rental structure since Alta and K Station in 2010.

Closures include:

  • Barricade walkway on Randolph Street, portion on State Street, and portion on Dearborn Street starts September 19, 2014 and is in place through July 2016
  • Southern parking lane and one drive lane will be closed on Randolph Street from State Street to Dearborn Street starting September 13, 2014 through July 2016

North Michigan Avenue Developments

Several construction projects underway along North Michigan Avenue are impacting sidewalks, particularly on the west side of Michigan Avenue between Randolph Street and Wacker Drive.

Chi-Town Rising

Chi-Town Rising, which is being presented by Corona Extra and hosted by Hyatt Gold Passport, is a new event designed to showcase Chicago as a world-class venue to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Planned Street Closures:




12 Dec – 8:00 am

Upper Wacker eastbound curb lane from 111 E Wacker to Stetson

8 Jan – 5:00 pm

28 Dec – 7:00 am

Stetson Ave from Upper Wacker to E South Water

1 Jan - 11:59 pm

28 Dec  - 8:00 am

Mid-level Wacker northern most and southern most lanes from Columbus to Michigan

1 Jan - 11:59 pm

28 Dec  - 8:00 am

Upper Wacker west bound curb lane from Columbus to Stetson

1 Jan - 11:59 pm

29 Dec - 8:00 am

Upper Wacker westbound lanes form 111 E Upper Wacker to Columbus

1 Jan - 11:59 pm

30 Dec – 12:00 pm

Columbus Drive southbound lanes from Upper Wacker to E South Water

2 Jan – 11:59 pm

30 Dec – 8:00 am

Upper Wacker eastbound lanes from Columbus Drive to 111 E Upper Wacker

1 Jan - 11:59 pm