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World's Largest Camera in Chicago

“Butterflies & Buffalo: Tales of American Culture” and the world’s largest camera are in Chicago.

BBTAC is a photographic documentary project produced by renowned Chicago photographer, Dennis Manarchy. Embarking on a 20,000-mile nationwide documentary journey across the United States, the project seeks to capture the most ethnically diverse nation in the world with a massive, massive (did I say massive?) MASSIVE camera lens.

The camera itself spans a full 35 feet and churns out 6-foot negatives. Amazingly, a traditionally designed camera constructed on such a large scale can produce images “with over 1000x more detail than today’s most advanced digital cameras.”

The result? An exhibition of 24-foot portraits, the likes of which have never been seen in the 200-year-old world of cameras.

Sound like it’s worth a look? The good news is that the camera is free and open to the public at Two N. Riverside Plaza from 7am – 7pm daily.

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