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What to expect at Illumination 2013

We’re dishing up a taste of the Loop at Illumination 2013 -- Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s 9th Annual Gala. And with the big event a little more than two weeks away, we figured it was time to pull back the curtain on some of the people and programs that will be lighting up the night. Take a look, and don’t forget to purchase your table or ticket today!

1. Ready, set, smile!

Smilebooth has been such a hit at our Pop-Up Art Loop galleries this summer that we can’t go anywhere without it. That includes Illumination 2013, where -- thanks to the magic of technology -- you’ll be able to snap pictures with all of your guests and print them or upload them immediately to Facebook. It’s all the embarrassment of a “selfie” but without the awkward arm in the foreground.

2. Fashionable frogs

Speaking of things that pop-up, the fashionable folks at House of Frog are making their gala debut following last month’s ACTIVATE where they were a HUGE hit, towering over the crowd on stilts and turning heads with their “steampunk” garb. There’s no telling what they’ll bring to Illumination 2013, but based on what we’ve seen before, it’s not to be missed.

3. Put on your dancing shoes

Armed with his “unexpectedly interesting sax,” DePaul University School of Music student Corbin Andrick brings his closest friends and tunes to this year’s cocktail reception. And, for the main event, Rich Daniels and The City Lights Orchestra will get everyone on their feet with renditions of everything from the Beatles, to the Big Band era, to Sinatra and Motown.

4. Strike “Accord”

Feeling inspired by all the great music? You’re in luck! Local artist Bree Gomez’s acclaimed interactive artwork, Accord, will turn us all into musicians while illuminating Illumination 2013 in the process. It’s a perfect example of how CLA uses public art to engage the community, and with more than 300 different musical instruments featured, you, too, can join the band.

5. Surprises in store

Of course we can’t tell you EVERYTHING. At an event that comes just days before Halloween, you’d better believe we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves. So don’t be left in the dark at Illumination 2013 -- purchase a table or ticket by October 18 and join us for what promises to be a memorable evening.

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