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Wabash Ave Just Got Brighter!

The Wabash Lights, an interactive art display underneath the ‘L’ tracks on Wabash Ave., made its debut last night for a large and enthusiastic audience. Seth Unger and Jack Newell, co-creators of The Wabash Lights, addressed the crowd outside the Palmer House Hilton prior to the light unveiling. The team emphasized that this is just the beginning of their ambitious project, which they hope will result in lights spanning from Madison St. to Adams St. on Wabash Ave. Their goal is to raise five-million dollars over the course of five years. The finished installation will have an interactive component that will allow the public to control and create a customized light show. Similar to Open Table, the future app will allow art enthusiasts to reserve a time slot and even upload photos that the lights will translate into abstract art.

The current Beta Test, which will be on display for the next six to twelve months, was the result of a crowdfunding campaign that raised $60,000 from nearly a 1,000 backers. Four rows, made up of twelve LED lights, can change into every color and mixture of colors imaginable. Check out our Periscope Video (@ChiLoopAlliance) to see the full unveiling. 

For more information on The Wabash Lights visit: www.thewabashlights.com

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