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The Best Donuts in the Chicago Loop

Happy National Donut Day! We’ve rounded up the best donuts in the Loop to celebrate this sweet holiday.

Do-Rite Donuts

The giant donut sculpture outside this tiny shop beckons passersby to indulge. From Buttermilk Old Fashions to Michigan Apple Fritters, Do-Rite offers a variety of donuts that are sure to satisfy any sweet-tooth. The shop never makes more than 36 donuts at a time to ensure freshness, which is truly impressive with the dozen options available.

Doughnut Vault Van

Often found at LaSalle & Adams, the Doughnut Vault Van offers amazing melt in your mouth donuts. Voted one of the “best donuts in America” by Food & Wine Magazine, these gourmet sweet treats are soft and cakey on the inside and perfectly glazed on the outside. Follow Doughnut Vault on Twitter at @doughnutvault to get updates on the van's location and specials.

Stan’s Donuts

Stan’s Donuts may be an east coast original, but these decadent donuts are getting quite the name for themselves in Chicago.  A new Loop location at 535 N. Michigan is scheduled to open later this year, but until then you can find Stan’s Van parked in the Loop. Overwhelmed with the 50+ options? We recommend the shop’s signature peanut butter pocket and chocolate glazed donut.

Beavers Donuts

Located in the Chicago French Market, Beavers Donuts offers a perfectly satisfying bite-sized donut. In celebration of National Donut Day, visitors to both the French Market location and food truck will receive four free mini donuts. 

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