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Sustainable Chicago: 10 eco-friendly accounts to follow on Twitter this Earth Day

It’s no secret that I’m the office environmentalist. So this year for Earth Day, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite local green thought leaders in the Twittersphere. In no particular order...

1. @ChiGreenOffice
The Green Office Challenge is designed to help Chicago businesses and employees improve sustainability in the workplace and beyond. Organizations of all types and sizes are encouraged to sign up.

2. @CCGTGreenTech
The Chicago Center for Green Technology promotes and advances sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. Their LEED Platinum facility is open to the public six days a week.

3. @EarthDayChicago
Tweeting about everything green in Chicago, they're a great resource for Chicago eco-friendly events.

4. @GreenheartShop
Greenheart Shop is Chicago’s only nonprofit eco-friendly, fair trade store. Greenheart supports local, social enterprises and global fair trade partnerships. You can visit their store location or shop online!

5. @LocalFoodsChi
Local Foods Grocer & Distributor is Chicago’s first wholesale distributor and retailer of strictly local foods from the Midwest’s finest farmers.

6. @ZipcarChicago
Chicago’s local Zipcar chapter, located right here in the Loop, tweets about eco-friendliness in the windy city and has some great giveaways (Full disclosure: I won Cubs tickets from Zipcar just a few weeks ago). They’re in @Block37Shops all week -- you can’t miss their truck farm.

7. @TransformGreen
The Delta Institute is a center of innovation that creates market opportunities to achieve environmental sustainability and economic development. In partnership with business, government and local communities, we develop and implement practical solutions to build the regional economy. Also located right here in the Loop.

8. @RXChicago
Since 2009, Rebuilding Exchange has been diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through a retail warehouse. They promote sustainable deconstruction practices, provide education and job training programs, and create innovative models for sustainable reuse.

9. @GreenTechChi
Green Tech Chicago is a new blog on the Tribune's Chicago Now site that takes a look into the developing green movement in Chicago and beyond. They’re new to the Twitter scene, so show them some love.

10. @FarmedHere
FarmedHere pioneered commercial vertical farming in Chicago. Their indoor aquaponic and aeroponic growing systems create local produce and local jobs in a sustainable farming environment.

Did you know?

There’s more green in Chicago than the brightly colored river on St. Patrick’s Day. Chicago prides itself on lush landscapes, clean lakefront beaches, and a massive city park district. We’ve even started embracing green rooftops and gardens. In fact, City Hall is home to a 20,300 square foot rooftop garden that improves air quality, conserves energy, reduces stormwater runoff and helps lessen the urban heat island effect. This is just the beginning for Chicago -- stay tuned for more green initiatives coming from the windy city.

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