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Bill Mologousis: Our Shared Vision of the Loop

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Eleventh Annual Gala on September 23, 2015. As Presenting Sponsor of this year’s Gala, Pressure Washing Systems is pleased to announce that over $120,000 was raised to support artistic, cultural and public events in the Loop.

For over 17 years, Pressure Washing Systems has been a proud partner of the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation. Whenever you can find an organization that shares your same set of values and ideals, you know that you are working in the right place. Our shared vision of the Loop, as clean and beautiful place to live, work, eat and play (along with the many great relationships we have made) is what has kept our partnership with CLA so strong.

Many people associate CLA with its alley activations; however what they don’t realize is that the organization provides many other valuable services to the Loop community. One of these services is to keep State Street a desirable destination for tourists and Chicagoans alike. Some of the ways CLA does this is through advocating for its members, reviewing signage proposals, providing programing in Pritzker Park, holding public leadership discussions, and keeping State Street safe and clean.

People often equate quality and safety with cleanliness. When a distinct is clean, people are more likely to spend more time exploring and to share their experience with others. Pressure Washing Systems comes in monthly to pressure wash sidewalks to remove dirt and debris, clean CTA vent shafts that often fill with garbage, and hand clean the delicate marble planters on State Street.

Chicago Loop Alliance is a real easy group to support. That is why we will be back in 2016 as the Presenting Sponsor of Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s Twelfth Annual Gala. We hope to see you there!

Editor's Note: Bill Mologousis is the President and Founder of Pressure Washing Systems. 

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