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Music to Your Ears: A New Playlist for Lightscape

The new Lightscape Summer 2014 playlist is shaking things up on State Street with a diverse musical selection that is sure to make passers-by listen twice.

The playlist, curated by music connoisseur and previous insideSTL music editor Anthony Spina, is made up of 50 carefully selected songs designed to be an even mix of instrumental, atmospheric, indie-rock, soul, funk, House and much more.

“The underlying thread connecting all the tracks is the sonic representation of a uniquely particular emotion evoked from interaction with the Chicago’s urban experience,” Spina says. “The [playlist] is meant to provide a subtle soundtrack to each denizen's unique personal film in the City of Chicago.”

Over 250 songs were reviewed before coming up with the final track list. Listen to the final playlist below via Spotify.

(Photo by James John Jetel for Chicago Loop Alliance | jjjetel.com)

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