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Maggie Daley Park Photo Tour

Maggie Daley Park is full of activities for everyone to enjoy, so we decided to grab our camera and show you everything it has to offer!


The Fieldhouse, which was redesigned in 2014, is the central hub for Maggie Daley Park. Park programs are held here throughout the year, and you can find the rental counter for skating and climbing here, as well as lockers and bathrooms.

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is located in in the middle of the Skating Ribbon. The wall is made for beginner and experienced climbers with three different types of climbing: bouldering, lead-harnessed and top rope. Fun fact: The Climbing Wall capacity is between 25 to 100 climbers.

Skating Ribbon

The Skating Ribbon allows for ice skaters to skate a path twice the length of a traditional skating rink during the winter. During the summer, the Ribbon is a great spot to watch climbers on the climbing wall.

Play Garden

The Play Garden is 3 acres of fun for children of all ages. Each space in the Play Garden has a designated age range. Some areas are for children ages 2-5 and others are for ages 5-12, such as the Slide Crater (top picture). There are some spaces that are for all ages, including the Enchanted Forest (bottom picture) which is full of surprises.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf can be found on the south end of the BP Bridge. This portable 18-hole miniature golf course features replicas of iconic Chicago structures, including the Willis Tower and the Picasso Sculpture.

Cancer Survivors’ Garden

The Cancer Survivors' Garden is located on the east side of Maggie Daley Park. During the spring and summer, the area is lined with flowers. The garden was specifically designed to represent the healing process and is split into its three main aspects: acceptance, support and celebration.

Picnic Groves & Tennis Courts

There are many spots throughout Maggie Daley Park to enjoy a picnic, including the four groves that can be found on the east side of the park. These picnic groves feature natural wood tables and can be rented for private events. There are six tennis courts that are also located on the east side of the park. They are available for walk-up use at no charge. However, an athletic permit can be obtained to make court reservations.

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