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Illumination 2014: Celebrating Past, Present, and Future

Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation’s tenth annual gala, Illumination 2014, marks the end of a decade since the merger of the State Street Commission in 2004. This wonderful occasion at the Palmer House Hilton will celebrate not only the great accomplishments in the Loop over the last ten years, but also its present and future. In addition, we are honoring Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward, who be in attendance to accept the Illumination Award for his commitment and service to the continued success of the Loop.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation of the Loop. The reformation of the theater district, the substantial growth of Loop colleges and universities, and the addition of numerous retail and residential buildings are just a few of the changes that have brought record numbers of tourists, shoppers, students, and residents to the Loop in the past ten years.

This transformation did not happen overnight, or unconsciously. It happened through the desire to make the Loop a great place to be, through collaboration of dedicated businesses and community figures, and, most importantly, through leadership, passion, and the ability to follow through.

As longtime supporters of CLA, we can say that it is seeing those values year after year – leadership, passion, and follow-through – that keeps us confident in this organization. It is a simple fact that without CLA’s leadership, State Street would not be in the clean, beautiful condition that tourists remark on every day. Without CLA’s passion, there would be never have been Looptopia, art in Loop storefronts, or pop-up urban celebrations in alleys. The gala is a celebration of exactly these qualities and the great accomplishments they enable.

At present, there are more tourists and students in the Loop than ever before, and Loop retail, residential, restaurants, and hotel sectors are predictably on the rise. Indeed, the Loop as a vibrant downtown neighborhood is reaching a height is has not seen in a very long time.

This is why your support at Illumination 2014, Friday, September 19th, is so important. The annual gala is the single largest fundraiser for Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation, and as such, it is essential to the future growth and success of CLA and the Loop itself. Please consider purchasing raffle tickets in support of CLAF. Although the present is a high point for the Loop and its businesses, it need not be a plateau.

Together, through our support of CLA and its activities, we can guarantee that the future will be even brighter than the present. We look forward to seeing you there and joining in the celebration of great things past and greater things to come.


Pamella Capitanini and Dean Lane are Chicago Loop Alliance board members and our 2014 gala co-chairs. Pamella is the Marketing Director at Italian Village Restaurants, and Dean is the General Manager at the Palmer House Hilton.

Purchase gala raffle tickets and peruse the packages online. You do not need to attend the gala to win.

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