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Humans of the Loop: Steve Scott

For over three decades, Steve Scott has been working in the Chicago Loop, but in a role very different from the typical nine-to-five. Scott is dishing out one of the Loop’s largest commodities: theatre. An estimated two-million people visit the Loop’s Theatre District each year, making it one of the areas strongest economic drivers.

As the Producer of The Goodman Theatre, Scott has overseen more than 200 productions in his 37 years at Chicago’s largest non-profit theatre. He has witnessed the evolution of The Goodman Theatre from its early days behind the Art Institute of Chicago to its current location at 170 North Dearborn, seen the theatre win multiple Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards, and has directed and worked with some of the nation’s best playwrights and actors. When it comes to a career in theatre, few can compare. So how does a career this expansive take shape? Scott, who will be retiring from his role as Producer later this year, said it took place in the very same location it started, the Michael Todd Theatre. 

“Growing up in Kansas City, my parents would bring my family to Chicago 2-3 times per year.  The Loop and Chicago was really the height of sophistication to me, and I knew that was where I wanted to be from a very young age. At 10 years old I saw West Side Story at the Michael Todd Theatre, it inspired me to go into theatre as a career. When The Goodman Theatre moved to the Michael Todd Theatre in 2000, it was like coming home. There are only a few remnants of the old theatre, but walking past them I am reminded of how my career has really gone full circle,” said Scott. 

Scott joined the Goodman Theatre in the mid 1980’s as the Director of Education and Outreach. His work in developing educational programing has touched countless individuals from every part of Chicago. Scott was critical in starting the popular Student Subscription Series which puts on matinee performances for Chicago Public School students that supplements classroom learning. 

“The program has really had a lasting effect on many different people, not just those who went into theatre as a career. A few years ago I was in the hospital and my nurse had gone through the matinee program. I can’t go a week without meeting someone who has participated.” 

In addition to producer, Scott also has directed many of the theatre’s most successful productions. He is currently director of the theatre’s charming summer revival of Eugene O’Neill’s, “Ah Wilderness” playing through July 26. 

For more information about Steve Scott or tickets to Ah Wilderness! please visit: https://www.goodmantheatre.org/.

Photo Credits: The Goodman Theatre (main), right image John P Keating Jr

Location: The Goodman Theatre

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